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On this day: May 23

Joan of Arc is captured in battle, Bonnie and Clyde die in a hail of bullets, "The Shining" hits theaters, golf legend Sam Snead passes away, and Tom Cruise abuses Oprah's couch, all on this day.

The Sammy B will be taken to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where it's scheduled to be dismantled.

Navy retires the USS Samuel B. Roberts

PHOTO STORY: After nearly 30 years of service, a Mayport-based frigate ends its career with the Navy.

"He was a wonderful human being," Aakanksha Desai said. "He taught me how to live; he taught me how to love. He taught be how to be nice and polite. People named him Mr. Nice out here. He was a wonderful son; he was everything to his family, to his parents."

Remembering Malav Desai

The clerk who was shot and killed in a St. Augustine convenience store will be remembered at a vigil at the store Friday and a funeral service Saturday afternoon.

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7 pains men should never ignore

Men's Health has a list of seven pains that may signify something serious for men.


Award-winning Disney movies

As "Tomorrowland" opens in theaters, take a look back at some of Disney's award-winning films.

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Who is ISIS?

ISIS forces have extended their control around the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The capture of Syria's ancient city, about 150 miles northeast of Damascus, threatens a UNESCO World Heritage Site described as having "stood at the crossroads of several civilizations," Learn more about the group.

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Celebrities who served in the military

Many celebrities have served in the military over the years. In honor of Memorial Day, take a look at who served in what branch.

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