Crews search Little Talbot Island for boy

A family is praying for good news after their young one disappeared in the waters off Little Talbot Island on Saturday afternoon.


2 shot at Arlington apartment complex

Two people were shot Saturday evening at an apartment complex in Arlington, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.


Memorial service held for store clerk

Loved ones gathered Saturday afternoon to remember a store clerk who was shot and killed while at work.

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Funeral held for D'Angelo Stallworth

Family and friends gathered at a Westside church to say goodbye and demand answers.


Minor crash leads to violent dispute

Police say a minor crash led to a violent dispute and a person being shot multiple times.



Protests, arrests follow Cleveland officer's acquittal

Police arrested demonstrators in downtown Cleveland on Saturday night following the acquittal of a police officer who stood trial in the 2012 shooting death of two unarmed people.


Andy Jones/Tampa Tribune

Nudist resorts draw global tourism dollars

Renovation work is being done in advance of Caliente Resort and Spa's busiest time of year, when people from around the globe travel to Land O' Lakes -- one of the world's most popular hubs for nudists and naturists.


Flags placed in national cemetery

Volunteers place flags on the graves of 9,000 fallen military members in Jacksonville.


Pools open, marking beginning of summer

Marking the beginning of summer, the City of Jacksonville's Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department's JaxParks swimming pools are open to visitors.


Library of Congress

On this day: May 24

"Mary Had a Little Lamb" is first published, the Brooklyn Bridge opens, Major League Baseball gets lit up, Bob Dylan is born, and "Thelma & Louise" and "Braveheart" premiere in theaters, all on this day.



Cross-dressing thief robs bank

VIDEO: A man dresses as a woman to rob a Florida bank in broad daylight.

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