Some dads are hesitant or reluctant to tackle baby-associated jobs. The best way to increase the comfort level of a father-to-be is to get him some hands-on training before baby arrives." Dad should change a few diapers or handle a feeding or two for babies belonging to family, friends or neighbors," said Jones.

"If he feels uncomfortable handling someone else's baby, you could consider buying a doll and having him carry it around the house, practicing feedings and diaper changes without risk of injury," she said.

Special tips for adoption

Adoptive parents have different needs when preparing to bring their children home. "It's absolutely critical for adoptive parents to connect with other adoptive parents as soon as possible in their process," said Jones.

"It truly takes a village to help you raise adopted children, especially if your children are adopted from other countries," she said. "Our two adopted children are from China, and we would never have survived it all without the love, guidance and 24-7 e-mail support of other adoptive parents who had been there and done that."

Complete change in life

Once the baby arrives, your life will change completely. Leaving the house is not as easy as it once was, and you must constantly be on the lookout for your baby's safety.

"Driving can be made easier by keeping a well-stocked 'to-go' bag in the car at all times," said Jones.

You could alleviate the stress of transferring the car seat by having one available in both mom's and dad's vehicles. Another option, when the baby is small, is to have a child carrier that works as a car seat when it is locked onto a base. Place a base in each vehicle for ease in travel.

Make sure to have soft music available to calm baby and help keep your nerves from fraying. If you're a rock fan but don't want to expose your baby to your music, check out Baby Rock Records for lullaby renditions of your favorite music.

Finally, remember to relax. As you get used to your new routine, everything will begin to feel like second nature.