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Latest One Spark News

  • One Spark: And the winners are....

    One Spark winners announced

    The five-day festival wrapped up on Sunday, crowning its winners for the crowd-funding prizes. More than 120,000 votes were cast for a portion of the $200,000 crowdfund.

  • One Spark: Day 3

    Creators pitch projects at One Spark

    It's the last day of One Spark and hundreds of people got out to take one last look at this year's creators.

  • One Spark crowd 16x9

    235,000 attend One Spark's first 4 days

    One Spark organizers say they are "humbled" and "blown away" by the growth of this year's One Spark festival. They say more than 85,000 people joined One Spark in Downtown Jacksonville on Saturday, bringing the estimated attendance to 235,000 people in four days. About 130,000 attended last year.

  • Creator hopes to take idea to next level

    One creator at One Spark is back for the second year hoping to take the idea brought to life by One Spark to the next level.

  • One Spark: Day 3

    Weekend events draw crowds downtown

    There are four big events going on this weekend in downtown Jacksonville, so anyone heading to the city's core may need to have some patience getting there.


Photos of One Spark winners

More than 12,000 votes were cast but there could only be five first place winners for the crowd-funding portion of the festival. They were announced from the pitch stage in Heming Plaza as event closed on Sunday.

One Spark crowd 16x9

One Spark Saturday

The streets of downtown were packed Saturday afternoon and evening for the last full day of One Spark activities and voting.

One Spark: Day 3

Images: One Spark Day 3

One Spark organizers announced the names of the creators in each category who have seen the biggest surge in votes from day to day. Those votes will help creators take home prize money to further develop their ideas.

WATCH: One Spark prime time special

Kent Justice and Kumasi Aaron host an opening-night broadcast live from Hemming Plaza:
Welcome to One Spark | Segment 2 | Segment 3 | Final thoughts