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VIRAL VIDEO: Freshpet Holiday Feast

It all started with a YouTube video of a dog eating with human hands. After a while, replicas of that video were popping all over the video site.  

Christmas Lights dance to "Star Wars" Music

A creative homeowner choreographed 100,000 Christmas lights to the music of "Star Wars.

Beware of what you post on social media

A clinical psychologist talks about the repercussions that can occur from oversharing information on social media.

What you do online can determine your discounts

Attention all online shoppers! As you shop or even just surf social media, you may be letting marketers know more than you bargained for. Some online companies are using data to help determine what…

Side effects of too much technology

Are movies and social media impacting your relationship with your children?

FSU student shares nightmare on Twitter

As a gunman ran around Florida State University, students took to their phones to share their experience.


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