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'Success Kid' helps save his father's life

A local Internet sensation helps raise money for life-saving transplant his father desperately needed.

Facebook looks for say in personal loans

A new patent obtained by Facebook could give people a new reason to purge their list of friends on the social networking site and it could also affect the chances of getting a loan.

Apps let you turn pictures into cash

Smartphone apps are allowing users to get paid for pictures that they take.

Florida 'bring me weed' tweet goes viral

A woman looking to score some marijuana decided to place a request on Twitter. What happened next has gone viral.

Baldwin Park Publix brawl goes viral

A video posted on YouTube shows two grown men in a knock-down, drag-out fight. The person who uploaded the video said it happened just after 5:30 Monday night at the Publix grocery store on Meeting…

Lenny Curry fulfills election puppy promise

Mayor-Elect Lenny Curry fulfilled an election promise he made to his children: new puppies.


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