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FSU student shares nightmare on Twitter

As a gunman ran around Florida State University, students took to their phones to share their experience.

Moe's to donate proceeds to local schools

One local Moe's restaurant is wanting to give back to the community during their 'Pay What You Want Day' by donating proceeds to local schools. 

Win one of 4 $50 gas gift cards from Channel 4

Channel 4 wants to help you make your Thanksgiving vacation travel a bit easier by offering you a chance to win one of 4 $50 gas gift cards. 

Teens getting drugs through Instagram

Local police say the battle to stop drug dealers isn't only on the street. Now they're watching posts on a popular social media site, as teens find new ways to find drugs.

Victim fell in love, into scam

The man she met online lured her into an illegal scheme without her even knowing it.

Couples seek help paying for adoptions

For some couples dreaming of starting a family through adoption, it can be a long and expensive process. That's why many of them are now turning to social media and total strangers to help them cover…


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