"He knew that I was talking to the police and I was yelling so that, I believed the police officer was there and that they couldn't find me," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said Martin tried to reach for his gun before Zimmerman shot him. He said he didn't believe he hit Martin when he fired.

Zimmerman said he doesn't regret getting out of the car to follow Martin or having a gun that night. Later in the interview, Zimmerman said he wished he had done something differently so the incident didn't end in Martin's death.

He also issued a message to the Martin family.

"I would tell them, that again, I'm sorry. I don't have, my wife and I don't have any children... I love my children and they aren't even born yet. I'm sorry that they buried their child. I pray for them daily," said Zimmerman, adding that he'd be open to meeting with them.

Zimmerman said police arrived at the scene 15 to 30 seconds after the shooting.

Zimmerman called the media coverage surreal.

"I don't like, they've rushed to judgment the way they have. Any time they have a story that's remotely positive, they interpret it negatively," said Zimmerman.

O'Mara said there were no ground rules for the questions asked, but he did jump in and not let his client answer the question about the bond hearing where Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, allegedly lied about their finances. 

Zimmerman also mentions in the interview he has reopened TheRealGeorgeZimmerman.com, which has a link to the one legal defense fund account, O'Mara said. On the website is a note, which appears to be from Zimmerman himself, signing it "Your friend, George."

On the site, Zimmerman writes, "Please notice that I do not refer to this website as my website, rather I think of it as our website. As I stated in our previous website, I am attempting to show my supporters that they are not alone, during the first 12 hours of my previous website launch, I received over 20,000 emails filled with words of support and encouragement."

Zimmerman writes his website will "be the proper venue for George to represent himself to the public," and provide a "clear picture of who George is, what his family is like and where he comes from."

The site also states it will take over soliciting money for Zimmerman and reporting on the status of the legal defense fund.

Zimmerman decided to give Hannity the interview because Zimmerman felt Hannity treated him fairly when they spoke in April, according to O'Mara. Zimmerman said Hannity never offered to pay his legal bills nor was he paid for Wednesday's interview.

In evidence released earlier this week, a woman, identified only as Witness 9 by prosecutors, claims Zimmerman molested her over a number of years starting when they were children.

"I don't know they were going to take the time and resources to focus on that," said O'Mara about Witness 9.

Witness 9 also said Zimmerman and his family had racist views.

"I think that it's actually fortunate the FBI did get involved to investigate a crime... They cleared me of any racial profiling, racial wrongdoing," said Zimmerman.

O'Mara said the "Stand Your Ground" law is applicable to the case.

Zimmerman is also seeking a new judge in his case, claiming that Judge Kenneth Lester showed bias against him in a recent ruling after a bond hearing.