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Emergency managers challenged to educate public

Two of the country's top disaster experts on Wednesday challenged emergency managers and forecasters from Texas to Maine to help educate coastal residents and developers about hurricane hazards.


Hurricane 'cone of uncertainty' shrinks

The National Hurricane Center says its storm track forecasts keep improving, helping to shrink the so-called "cone of uncertainty" a bit in forecasts this year.

Typhoon H

Strongest tropical cyclone in the world for 2013 season...

Thousands of villagers in the central Philippines, including those from a province devastated by a recent earthquake, were being evacuated Thursday as one of the most powerful typhoons globally this…

hurricane season ACE graph

2013 hurricane season will end as a snoozer

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season through November 1st is the quietest it has been since 1994 and will likely end in a sleepy slumber just like it began.

Satellite imagery as Sandy formed last year

Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy forming

One year ago this week, forecasters saw the first signs of Superstorm Sandy forming, first on the European model, with other forecast models quickly following suit. Sandy was the 18th tropical…

TD 13

Tropical Storm Lorenzo moving east

The season's 12th tropical storm formed Monday the Atlantic Ocean, a reminder that the Atlantic tropical season is not over.

State catastrophe fund looking healthy

A state catastrophe fund has the best cash reserve in the 20 years since it was created. However, it only takes one massive storm to deplete the savings.

Karen - Sat. night track

No longer tropical, Karen heads east

Former Tropical Storm Karen dissipates Sunday south of the mouth of the Mississippi River as what's left of the system moves toward the Florida Panhandle.

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Hurricane strikes... San Diego?

When thinking of California, Hollywood, fame and fortune probably come to mind. What probably won't is the threat of hurricanes!

Tropical Storm Jerry

Tropical Storm Jerry forms in Atlantic

A tropical depression that formed Saturday night in the central Atlantic was upgraded Monday morning to Tropical Storm Jerry.

Hurricane generic

Anemic hurricane season continues

As we move into October, we will have completed two-thirds of the Atlantic hurricane season and what an anemic season it has been. As of September 27th, we have had nine named storms and two…

Disturbances in Gulf, Caribbean

The National Hurricane Center says a tropical disturbance near the Yucatan Peninsula is now in the Gulf of Mexico and moving west-northwest.

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