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Published On: Oct 19 2011 01:20:26 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 24 2011 08:15:00 PM EDT

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This is an excerpt from a recent interview with Richard W. Nunn by Rain N. Snow, a reporter with The Sunshine Daily. The interview took place at Waffle House.

Rain N. Snow: Richard, thanks so much for joining me today.
Richard W. Nunn: No. I should be thanking you for buying me lunch.
Sally Smyth (waitress): Would all ya'll like some coffee or sweet tea?
RS: I'm buying you lunch?
RN: Well, if you insist.
RS: None for me, just water.
RN: I'd like water also, with lemon please.
SS: We have lemon packets, is that ok?
RN: Are the packets fresh?
SS: I think so.
RN: Sure that sounds great.

RS: So how are you liking Florida.
RN: Why, what are you doing writing a book?
RS: Well I...
RN: (Interrupting) Just Joking Snow, Yes I am glad to be back.
RS: So you've been here before.
RN: Yeah, just once from 1969 to 1993.
RS: That's a long time. What were you doing.
RN: Growing up.
RS: You grew up here?
RN: Well not here, Snow this a Waffle House. It's a great place to eat, but let's face it a little to crowded to live in.
RS: I meant Jacksonville.
RN: No actually I grew up in South Florida. At the age of 18 I moved to Central Florida. Spent a couple of years there and then eventually went to Gainesville to broaden my horizons and become the most lovable of all reptiles -- a gator.
RS: Gators are loveable?
SS: Here's ya'lls waters and your lemon packets.
RN: Sally, are gators lovable?
SS: They taste good fried.
RN: See Snow, not only loveable, but they taste good too.
SS: Are you gonna order now?
RN: Yes, Sally I would like the hash browns, double--all the way.
RS: Burger with fries, please.
SS: Alright, it will just be a few minutes.
RS: So where to after Gainesville?
RN: Mississippi, the Magnolia State -- Mississippi State University. I was in Starkville for two years working on my master's degree in meteorology and I owned a window-tinting and automotive accessory business. From there I went to Washington State, Kennewick, for my first weather job. After two years there I moved to Portland, Ore., and worked there for 5 years. During both college and career I also worked at various radio stations.
RS: Portland, wow it rains a lot there.
RN: You stick to reporting and I'll do the weather thank you.
SS: Here's your food boys.
RN: OOOh Sally this looks great! Thank you.
RS: How about family?
RN: Love them dearly. That's why we are back.
RS: We?
RN: Yeah, my wife and I.
RS: You're married?
RN: You are a quick one. I can see why you are on this assignment. Hey is this going to be one of those "think" pieces?
RS: No, it's an interview.
RN: And your doing a fine job of it too. What else do you want to know?
RS: Hobbies?
RN: Anything outside. Running, biking, hiking, camping and all water sports. I have run a couple of marathons and did some distance bicycling for charity.
RS: Which ones?
RN: Which events or which charities?
RS: Both...
RN: Marathons were in Rome, Italy for the American Diabetes Association and biking was for Multiple Sclerosis in Oregon.
RS: Why those charities and events.
RN: Charities for personal reasons, family related and the events -- to test my own abilities.
RS: So how did you do?
RN: I'm proud to say I finished each event I committed myself to.
RS: Any upcoming events?
RN: I am training for a triathlon. I don't know which one yet, I am going to base it on my fitness level and which events are happening at the time.
RS: Richard all that activity, yet here you are with a double order of hash browns.
RN: Don't even get me started on those low carb diets!
RS: Speaking of diets, I heard you like to cook.
RN: I love to cook. While in Oregon I went to a Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute.
RS: Disc-jockey, business owner, meteorologist, a chef and an athlete. What's next?
RN: I don't know maybe I'll combine all of them and train disc jockeys to cook for meteorologist on the run. Speaking of on the run, thanks for hash browns. I need to scoot along and put together my forecast.

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