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  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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Minimum wage Affecting local businesses

Congresswoman Corrine Brown joins Kent Justice to provide an opposing view on redistricting. Plus, a status report on the health of the St. Johns River and the minimum wage debate on a local business level.

Crossing the Lines

A fight is on in the federal courts now - as the state's supreme court takes heat from the House and Senate. Another special session in Tallahassee for lawmakers. You'll hear from Corrine Brown, the Congresswoman concerned about the lines of her district. We will also analyze why the changes need to happen - and who benefits - or loses - most.

Is Trump For Real?

Can Trump maintain his momentum or are his charades just for show? We have a group of guest here to break down the debate and whether or not Trump can sustain his stronghold. Also Chief Tom Hackney stops by to talk the Lonzie Barton case.

Developer working his magic?

Peter Rummell helped make Hilton Head and Amelia Island nationally-known destinations. Can he spin some magic again and transform Jacksonville's Southbank? Rummell thinks the River City is primed to embrace the concept.

EXTRAS: Kent Justice walks the site with Rummell: Part 1 | Part 2

Plans, priorities: Curry's budget proposal

Mayor Lenny Curry leaps in with both feet as he makes his formal budget proposal to City Council. We spend some one-on-one time with him to understand more about his plans and priorities. Also, City Council members react and we have a former City Hall insider Rick Mullaney talking through the details. Then, Congressman Ted Yoho makes his opinion on the nuclear deal with Iran very clear.

Admirals, U.S. Senator react to Iran Nuclear Deal

A local company proving its smarts - and a better way to do things. NLP Logix explains its winning formula for STEM industries. Plus - former leaders in national defense weigh in on the Nuclear deal with Iran. What are the short-term - and the long-term consequence? Then - U-S Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia.

Funding for JAXPORT

Redistricting again in the state of Florida. The Supreme Court calls the process unconstitutional - and now lawmakers will have to respond. JAXPORT excited about progress at Mile Point. Where the money comes from on that project - and how leaders expedited the process. Plus - an ancient and holy relic on display in St. Augustine. Why it's a first time for America - and where you can see it.

Mayor Curry goes one-on-one with plans for Jacksonville

Jacksonville's new Mayor Lenny Curry takes office and joins Kent Justice to discuss his plans for the River City and his four key promises made during the election.

Less Is More

A new budget begins for the state of Florida in LESS than week. But it's not the budget passed by the state legislature. The Senate and the House watch Governor Scott's veto pen - wipe away hundreds of millions in spending. We're talking to the lawmakers and to the local organizations feeling the sting...
And we're bringing you the important conversations

Potential Impact From Newly Elected Officials

Deep-dive into those citywide elections - and how the new office holders may impact Duval County. Plus, our political analyst on former Governor Jeb Bush - now officially a candidate in the crowded field for 2016, and Tara Green, an award winning county clerk - in her first term in office.

Decifering the Job Growth Claims

Coast Guard Sector Captain Tom Allan in studio with us - with the lessons learned in his three years on the job in Jacksonville. Plus - is the jobs climate improving in northeast Florida, as the Governor claims? A local employment expert explains. And we'll tip-toe into the waters of philosophy - discussing Franklin Graham's suggested boycott of gay-friendly businesses, and the gender-identity change for Bruce Jenner - now known as Caitlyn.

UNF on the Rise

Great conversation with John Delaney. He lives at the beaches, He's was a successful two-term mayor, and he's leading a Florida school with a growing reputation. Plus - the Governor's get-together, targeting contenders for the GOP nomination next summer. And, Presidential hopefuls, if not full-on candidates.


Election 2015/2016 Interactives

  • Who's running and who could run in 2016?

    Jeremy Harlan/CNN

    Ohio Gov. Jon Kasich is the latest to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president, entering the race on Tuesday. See who else is running and who some of the other possible presidential candidates are.

  • Politics roundup

    Director of Jacksonville University's public policy institute Rick Mulaney joins us to discuss the tension between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, also growing concerns regarding Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.

  • Takeaways from the Republican debate

    Joining us to discuss last night's debate and the major takeaways is Political analyst, Jennifer Carroll.

  • Republican debate tonight

    Joining us to talk about the debate and what we can expect to hear tonight is News4JAX political analyst, Jennifer Carroll.