Kent Justice, This Week in Jacksonville
  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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This Week in Jacksonville: Human Rights Ordinance

Jacksonville renews conversation about changing discrimination law and updating the Human Rights Ordinance.

Examining the presidential candidates and focusing on young struggling...

Presidential politics - from a woman's point of view. The most recent Lt. Governor and the most recent party chairman for Florida Republicans - both examining the candidates in Election 2016. Then - struggling readers need help - especially at a young age. State Rep. Janet Adkins explains recent findings from a forum - and her plans to attack the issue in the House. Plus - Congressman David Jolly discusses a new push to change veterans care.…

This Week in Jacksonville: STEM education

We talk with The Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the growth of STEM2 education and careers in the Northeast Florida region.

This Week in Jacksonville: Technology coming to Jacksonville

Jacksonville is on the verge of becoming one of the nation's elite hi-tech cities. Google has revealed plans to bring a fiber optic cable system to town.

This Week in Jacksonville: Energy debate & Democratic debate

We are discussing the Energy debate as it comes to Jacksonville. We also discuss the Democratic Presidential debate.

This week in Jacksonville: Florida National Guard

This week we head to St. Augustine to focus on the Florida National Guard. We're also exploring the Presidential candidates as democrats have their first debate.

Tug of War - Does Jax need an HRO?

Does Jacksonville need a Human Rights Ordinance? We're looking at a documentary produced to persuade - and our panel discusses the pros and cons - and the reason they support - or oppose - an HRO.

This Week in Jacksonville: Presidential candidate polls & Florida...

Presidential candidate polls turn heads even a year ahead of the REALLY important answers. The Jacksonville school earning national attention and offering some surprising information. Plus the Nassau County State Rep caught off-guard and now caught up in the redistricting debate.

Clearing The Air

On This Week in Jacksonville a round table discussion of the most recent Republican candidates for President debate. The folks who may need to follow Rick Perry's lead and leave the race? Plus - a local award winner - named entrepreneur for creating jobs.

The Last Dance

Pedro's Last Dance - winds up in a rain out. The Suns owner turns over the keys Monday. He'll share some great stories and memories with us first. Plus - State Rep. Lake Ray wonders if the State Supreme Court acted outside its authority in the re-districting debate.

Florida leaders hold open cabinet meeting in St. Augustine

We're in St. Augustine where the Florida Cabinet met this week as the city celebrates 450 years. The cabinet is focusing on the Florida's future. We visit with Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater, and the Department of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Honoring the first women to graduate from Army Ranger school

A breakthrough for women in the military as two trendsetters graduate from ranger school and a complete legislative update from congressman Ander Creshaw.


Election 2016 Interactives

  • 2016 race: Who's running and who's out

    Steve Pope Getty Images

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced he was dropping out of the presidential race on Nov 18. See who else is running and who has dropped out.

  • UNCUT: Jennifer Carroll's TWIJ interview

    The former lawmaker, lieutenant governor and now News4Jax's political analyst covers a wide variety of subjects in her interview with Kent Justice.

  • Democratic debate tonight

    Only 3 candidates will participate in this CBS-hosted debate. Rick Mullaney, head of JU's public policy institute, joins us to talk about the storylines.

  • GOP debate heats up

    VIDEO: The remaining Republicans contending for the Presidential Primary race met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to debate the important topics including economic policy.