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Hyundai named official NFL auto sponsor in 4-year deal

Hyundai and the National Football League announced on Monday that the Korean-based automaker would become the league's latest auto sponsor in a deal that will last four years.


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Fiat Chrysler issues urgent recall of SUVs

Fiat Chrysler is calling the owners of 65 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs to tell them to stop driving their vehicles.

Fiat Chrysler said Sunday that an error in the assembly process earlier this month could cause a component in those vehic...



Self-driving cars from rivals Google, Delphi in close call

There are few drivers who haven't experienced what it's like to be cut off by another motorist who nearly causes an accident. Now, two autonomous-driving cars from competing companies have matched that common human experience.

Of course, the self-driv...


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Alfa Romeo upshifts with 510 horsepower 'Giulia'

Fiat Chrysler's push to reinvigorate the Alfa Romeo brand took another step forward with the unveiling of its new top-end car, the Guilia.


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Lexus reveals hoverboard, but you can't buy it

You can't be Marty McFly just yet. Lexus revealed on Tuesday a 30-second teaser that included a real-life functional hoverboard very similar to the one that Marty McFly used in 1989's "Back to the Future Part II."



The new Mini car is mega-sized

Mini, the British car brand famous for selling cute little cars with old-fashioned looks, is revealing its latest car, which is not quite mini.


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Confederate flag stripped from 'Dukes' toys, but still flies on TV...

As the debate wages over the Confederate flag, one of the most prominent places where it can still be found is atop the famed car from the legendary early 80's TV series, "The Dukes of Hazzard."

The 1969 Dodge Charger known as the "General Lee" is one...


Safer cars for teens

This time of year teens need a car to get to a summer job. But Consumer Reports cautions don’t give your teenager an old clunker that lacks important safety features. Our auto team has compiled a list of great used cars for teens costing well under $10,000.



Teslas hit the 1 billion mile mark

Telsa Model S owners have driven a total of one billion miles, the company said Tuesday.


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Group claims Uber is tracking users 24/7

Uber's hot on your trail.



Takata accused of putting profits ahead of safety

Japanese auto parts manufacturer Takata ignored years of warnings over faulty airbags, and even put crucial safety inspections on hold due to cost concerns, according to a new report from congressional investigators.

The report, written by Senate Comm...


Samsung working to make trucks 'transparent'

Samsung is working on a technology to let people see through giant trucks on the road.