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Gas prices rise 37 cents a gallon in February

The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has increased 34 consecutive days for a total of 37 cents per gallon. The national average rose 35 cents during February.


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Hyundai recalls 200,000 vehicles for power steering defect

Hyundai is recalling more than 200,000 vehicles that could have a power steering defect that increases the risk of a crash, according to documents posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Saturday.

The recall will affect Elantr...


Consumer Reports: 'Top Cars' for 2015

Being named a Consumer Reports Top Pick is a coveted accolade among carmakers. This year Detroit should be happy. The 2015 list has more American cars than any time since 1998.



The Apple car: What we know

Apple hasn't admitted publicly that it wants to get into the auto industry. But there's plenty of evidence out there.

It could be an actual Apple car, or perhaps just a sleek operating system for another company's car.

Nobody knows yet. Apple has decli...



Senator asks DOJ to investigate car insurance

A U.S. senator is urging the Justice Department to investigate insurance companies and auto repairs done at their 'preferred' repair shops across the country, because of safety concerns for consumers that were identified in a recent CNN exclusive inv...



Takata hit with fine over exploding airbag probe

Airbag maker Takata is being fined $14,000 a day for failing to cooperate with a safety probe into exploding airbags that have been tied to at least five deaths.



Rolls-Royce is making an SUV

The list of automakers that would never, ever make an SUV has shrunk even further.

Rolls-Royce, the pinnacle of British luxury motoring, announced on Tuesday that it, too, would add an SUV to its line-up.

The automaker hand-delivered a statement to CNN...


European car sales recovery picks up pace

Europe's auto sector keeps gaining momentum.


Geico accused of discriminating against low-income drivers

While the Geico gecko has been busy charming us in his commercials, the company has allegedly been discriminating against low-income drivers in California.

Geico is accused of failing to offer policies that offer the minimum amount of coverage legally...


Gas prices continue to rise

Motorists are now paying 19 cents more than they did at the beginning of the month.


Subtle differences highlight 2016 Avalon

Look closely, and you’ll see a couple of design differences in the 2016 Toyota Avalon.


From Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla misses big, but SUV buzz builds

Not everything is perfect in electric car land.

Tesla posted a loss Wednesday, to the surprise of analysts who predicted a gain of 31 cents per share.

Tesla shares were down as much as 4 percent in after-hours trading. But CEO Elon Musk remains incredibly o...