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Local woman sues over air-bag injuries

A lawsuit filed Wednesday on behalf of a Jacksonville woman who was…

Healthcare enrollment deadline

Time is running out to enroll for healthcare plans with the…

Millions stolen from small business owners

How a con-man stole millions from small business owners.

Dan Wagner/Herald-Tribune staff

Maureen Mida folds clothes at a Bealls department store in Bradenton.

Florida icon Bealls is turning 100

Bealls, a retail company known for selling apparel and home goods in…

1. General Motors

GM stops selling SUVs after pending tire recall

General Motors has stopped selling over 6,000 of its SUVs after…

From Apple

9. iPhone 6

Can An App Make Your College Student Go to Class?

iPhone App Sends Alerts if Your Student Skips Class

The art of small talk

Is making small talk an art form?  How can being good at chit-chat…

Best places for car repairs

Consumer Reports surveyed their subscribers about 120,000 vehicle…

Below $2 for gas to soon become nationwide average

The nation could soon see gas prices lower than $2 as the average.

Florida has high checking account fees

Baking fees in the Sunshine State average $54, according to a…

Florida home insurance most expensive in nation

Florida is the most expensive state for home insurance in the nation.

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