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Changes coming to your credit cards

Crooks call it pocket surfing or electronic pickpocketing. Other say…

Cruise ship: Sick at sea

Medical care on cruise liners is far less robust than you may think.…

Secret to buying a car

The secret to buying a car can be found right on the internet. You…

Summer Infant video baby monitor


800,000 baby monitor batteries recalled

About 800,000 rechargeable batteries used in the Summer Infant infant…

Saving energy, saving money

How to save energy and money at the same time.

Cracking the code on eggs

Egg choices are overwhelming – brown, white, organic, hormone free,…

Telemarketing scam

A telemarketing scheme that cheated hundreds of people out of…

Craft beer bill

Craft beer bill

Florida's rapidly-growing craft beer industry could suffer a major…

Cash for old electronics

Consumer Reports has advice on how to sell, donate and recycle your…

Mistakes job-seekers make

The most common mistakes job seekers are making and how to avoid them.



Second General Motors recall delayed by years

General Motors and government safety regulators now have a second…

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