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Tuna 'safety alert' for pregnant women

Consumer Reports is cautioning pregnant women not to eat all kinds of…

Investigators warn you to 'just hang up'

One of the thousands of victims of a scam targeting senior citizens…

College students easy prey for ID thieves

According to the Federal Trade Commission, victims who are between…

Peanut butter spread

Nicolas Raymond/SXC

Peanut, almond and nut butters recalled

The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that nSpired…

Elderly family member nightmare

Elderly family member nightmare

A family's nightmare: you hire someone to help care for your elderly…

Family: Elderly loved one scammed

Investigators who say a 91-year-old man was scammed offer ways for…


Brita recalling children's water bottles

Brita is recalling approximately 242,500 children's water filter…

College students

Student loan scams

A warning for former students as scammers have their sights on people…



Heinz recalls lead-laced baby food in China

H.J. Heinz is recalling a batch of lead-laced baby food in China.

raw ground beef closeup


Slaughterhouse staff charged over bad meat

Former workers at a California slaughterhouse involved in one of the…

4 household toxins to trash

From toys to containers to perfume, there are toxins lurking inside…

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