By Cris Carl, Networx

Air conditioning has become standard for the vast majority of homes and businesses in recent years. In fact, roughly five percent of energy use in the United States is used to fuel air conditioning. To combat this impressive statistic, some celebrities who use their fame for the promotion of environmental or “green” issues either do without air conditioning or use newer technologies instead.

Jon Hamm (Mad Men), in a recent interview with Mother Nature Network, said that he was trying to decrease his impact on the planet. “We don’t use a lot of air conditioning. We open windows,” said Hamm. Hamm added that their bill for air conditioning was “getting smaller every day.”

Melora Harden (The Office) said in an interview with Lifescript that she was looking into alternatives to air conditioning that are more eco-friendly.

Sir Elton John, following suit after the Queen of England, has invested in geo-thermal cooling systems to break away from the A/C habit.

You may ask, “Why should I care if these people want to sweat it out?” While celebrities generally have more than enough money to luxuriate in perfectly cooled settings, some choose otherwise for the sake of the planet and their health, and many people find this inspiring.

While efforts to improve upon the safety of air conditioning have grown in recent years, there are still significant environmental and health-related issues related to its use.