Faux Stainless Steel

If you decide that re-outfitting all of your appliances in stainless steel is too expensive, you can still make your existing kitchen appliances look appealing. Start out by giving everything in your kitchen a good cleaning. Then, consider adding a coat of appliance paint to any of your appliances that have seen better days. Or simply take advantage of this neat product to create a uniform look throughout the kitchen. Appliance paint comes in a number of different colors, including faux stainless steel. So, you could simply repaint your existing appliances with a product like Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel to give your kitchen an instant makeover without actually committing to the cost of a stainless steel upgrade. Or, if you decide to replace only one or two of your appliances with stainless steel, you can use this type of paint to make sure the rest of your existing appliances match in color, if not style.