Adding or replacing light fixtures may seem like a no-brainer, but if that's the case, why are so many bathrooms poorly lighted? Most builders get bathroom lighting completely wrong; they shove in a couple of recessed fixtures over the vanity mirror and call 'er good. But overhead fixtures, especially recessed cans, shadow your face when you look into the mirror. What they're really good at is highlighting male pattern baldness (I speak from experience) and dark roots, so who wants them? The right lighting for vanities is side lights. A nice wall-mounted fixture on each side of the mirror does wonders for your viewing pleasure. You can also go with strip-style lights, if you want to feel like a star.

10. Flooring

New flooring is an easy upgrade if you can cover the old flooring with new sheet vinyl or sheet linoleum or if you install one of these after tearing up old carpet. For super mod folks, you could also consider sealed concrete, like the floors that Atlanta flooring contractorAmazing Improvements build. Resilient sheet flooring can go over several old surfaces but not all; be sure to check with the flooring manufacturer. The relatively small area of most bathroom floors makes it easier to buy better-quality flooring for greater impact and a longer lasting improvement. Personally, I wouldn't use anything in the bathroom other than sheet flooring or grouted tile. Any material with seams is prone to water damage, and carpet in bathrooms is just plain gross.