How to Mount the Ceiling Fan

Install the hanger bracket to the box with screws and lock washers. Use lock washers to prevent the fan's vibration from loosening the screws. Connect the wires by matching black to black and white to white by twisting to the right with wire nuts. Wrap with electrical tape. Next, ground the fan to the box. A grounding wire is either green or a bare copper wire. Using a wire nut and twisting right, connect the ground wires from the box and the fan together. Wrap each wire nut with electrical tape and gently push wiring inside the box. Finish by installing any other decorative pieces.

Ceiling fans are an economical way to reduce heating and cooling costs. While hiring a professional electrical contractor is the best way to ensure your fixture is installed according to building codes, it is also the most expensive option. Careful do-it-yourself weekend warriors can install a ceiling fan and enjoy year round comfort.