Ironing uses energy and weathers clothing. So stop doing it! If you're concerned about wrinkles, be sure to hang clothes immediately after washing to allow the natural weight to pull wrinkles out, and when they're completely dry, fold them along the lines where you want creases and put them neatly away under other garments, which will keep them pressed and smooth. If you're leaving clothes on the hanger, be aware that extended hanging can wear out shoulders and arms (knits, for example, should never be left on the hanger for this reason).

10. Stop going to the dry cleaner's

Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals, harms fibers, and it's expensive! Many fabrics designated dry clean only can actually be hand washed with mild soap (not detergent, which can break down fibers and cause shrinking and other problems). Use cool water, hand wash gently, and lay your garments flat to dry.