Bienz said that even if you have a very small home, it can be very stressful if family members have no access to privacy. For some, who have larger homes, this may mean rooms that are dedicated to certain uses such as exercise, music, "man-caves," etc. If your family is large and the house is small, Bienz suggests setting up a space in the home somewhere that can afford privacy, even if family members have to take turns. "If possible, it really helps to reduce stress in a house if each person has a place they feel is theirs, especially if they can personalize the décor," said Bienz. "Even if it's just a bureau or chair that's yours, it helps people to have a sense of security," she said.


Lastly, Bienz said that stress in a house can relate to how much open space there is. Some people need lots of open space to feel comfortable, but some feel safer/less stressed in a cozier atmosphere surrounded by items that bring comfort.