Create an Inviting Entrance

Most entrance foyers are dark because they typically do not have nearby natural light sources, like windows or skylights. An aesthetically pleasing solution is to add glass to your doorway. You can put glass inside the door itself or add sidelights and overhead light panes, called transoms. The glass will bring natural light into your home's entryway, giving it a feeling of welcoming warmth. And don't worry, you can buy glass that is treated so that passersby cannot see into your house. Obscure glass is glazed in such a way that it will let light into the room while still providing privacy and can be used anywhere form the front door to bathroom or bedroom windows. Tinted glass provides privacy and insulation from the sun through the use of a transparent plastic film or metallic laminate. You might also want to look into frosted glass, stained glass, or thin adhesive films to cover your windows elegantly and privately, while still letting natural light into your home.