WATCH LIVE: Marissa Alexander sentencing hearing

At the end of this afternoon's hearing, the woman at the center of high-profile case may be released to home detection.

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Kelley Blue Book lists best resale values

Depreciation: It's the biggest cost of owning an automobile. Some vehicles just hold their value better than others when you sell or trade them in. Those that don't just plain cost you more.

So, each year, analysts at Kelley Blue Book tally up the car...


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This is America's SUV-buying tipping point

There's a very specific point when American drivers start shunning small, fuel-efficient cars and return to their big-SUV buying habits.

According to research from, the magic number when SUV sales begin to rise is $3.00 gas. And the magic ...



Winners and losers in oil's plunge

The American oil industry is booming, but the steep drop in the price of crude is still a net win for the U.S. economy.

Oxford Economics looked at the impact of cheap oil on the world's 45 largest economies, and found that the U.S. economy would grow ...



Giant GM bus from the '50s sells for $4 million

A rare, and enormous, 1950 General Motors Futurliner bus sold at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction Saturday for $4 million.

The money will benefit a charity for military members and their families.

The bus sold as part of the automotive collection ...


Gas is less than $2 at most U.S. stations

Gas for less than $2 a gallon is now available at most U.S. gas stations.

The percentage of stations with gas under two bucks now stands at 52 percent, according to the Oil Price Information Service, which tracks 130,000 gas stations for AAA.



Acura reveals NSX hybrid supercar

Acura unveiled its new NSX hybrid supercar at the Detroit auto show. It puts out over 550 horsepower and is expected to have a price tag of over $150,000.


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Mary Barra calls new Bolt a 'real game changer' for GM

General Motors unveiled two new plug-in cars at the Detroit Auto Show, taking aim at Tesla Motors.

GM unveiled a new, improved version of the Chevrolet Volt, which has both an electric motor and a traditional gas engine. It also debuted a small all-el...


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Ford F-150 wins truck of the year

The Ford F-150 won truck of the year honors announced at this year's Detroit auto show, beating out the midsize Chevrolet Colorado pickup.


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GM to unveil electric car that can go 200 miles on single charge

You've heard of the Chevy Volt. How about the Chevy Bolt?

General Motors is planning to unveil a concept electric vehicle on Monday that can go 200 miles on a single charge. It would be introduced in 2017 and cost about $30,000.

News of the Chevy Bolt...


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Mercedes moves US headquarters to Atlanta from New Jersey

Mercedes will relocate its U.S. headquarters to Atlanta from New Jersey, a move that will affect about 1,000 employees, the German automaker said Tuesday.