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Raikkonen: 'Friendly fight' fires up Ferrari

Two hungry world champions, one maverick boss and a reliably fast racing car. Has Ferrari found a winning recipe for the 2015 Formula One season?

Kimi Raikkonen -- the last man to claim a world title for the famous Italian team, back in 2007 -- agrees...


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Fiat Chrysler wants to give dealership workers a free ride to college

If the cost of college is weighing you down, now's a good time to get a job at a Fiat Chrysler dealership.

The automaker announced Monday that it will roll out a program to cover the cost of college degrees for those who work at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge,...


Highest gas prices of the year

Motorists headed to the pump are finding the highest gas prices of 2015. The national average price for regular unleaded is $2.62 per gallon, up 59 cents since this year's low of $2.03 in late January.


Answers to your tire trouble questions

Need to fix a flat? Can you repair it or does it need replaced? And if it needs replaced, should you buy just one tire or do you need two? How about four? Tips to keep your wheels rolling and not bust your budget.


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2014 Ford Fusion recalled two times in a week

If you own a Ford Fusion, Fiesta or Lincoln MKZ, it may have been recalled a couple of times in the last week for potentially serious safety problems.

Ford Motor issued four recalls on Wednesday following an earlier recall on Friday. Two of those incl...


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Why was this car hidden away for 30 years?

If this car could talk, it would describe a road to fame with all the twists and turns of a Hollywood plot.

The original of only six models ever built, it was the first American car to beat Ferrari on its own turf, was once engulfed by flames in Dayto...


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The rise of luxury vans

It's time to drop your preconceived ideas about Mom-friendly minivans. The ultra-rich are paying big bucks to get vans overhauled for high-end road tripping.


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Tesla stock charges ahead on home battery hopes

After a rough few months, Tesla's stock has finally finished recharging. Shares surged more than 7% Monday thanks to some bullish comments from analysts. And the stock is now up 5% for the year.

It's been a big comeback for Tesla, which at one point w...


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Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech resigns

The chairman of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piech, has resigned.

The German car maker said Saturday that Piech had resigned because an environment of trust "no longer exists" within the company's board.

Volkswagen has been dealing with a period of turmoil i...


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GM's Mary Barra makes way more than last guy in the job

GM is turning gender pay inequality on its head.

Mary Barra, first female CEO of GM, got paid $16.2 million for 2014, which is 78% more than her male predecessor Dan Akerson.

Akerson's pay had been limited by the fact that GM executive pay was subject...


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Tesla's Elon Musk didn't take a salary in 2014

Billionaire Elon Musk is working for free. Sort of.

The Tesla chief executive's total compensation package in 2014 was $35,360, according to a regulatory filing. That would only get you half way to buying a Tesla Model S.

But the founder of the electr...


Southeast Toyota unveils new concepts

The local vehicle processing plant on Jacksonville's Westside touts a team of creative thinkers who are revealing some of their latest concept accessories.