Schaffer said the cost to install a remote car starter system can vary wildly. There are different models and styles of these systems, and there are a wide variety of options for each.

For example, remote car starters can activate heated seats, keyless entry, rear-window defrosters and trunk openers. Some even offer two-way starters, which send a signal from the car back to the remote device telling the driver whether the car is actually on or not, an important feature for anybody far away from a parked car or with a hard-to-start engine, Schaffer explained.

However, Schaffer said drivers can spend anywhere between $225 and $1,000 for an installed system. He warns, however, that installing these systems are significantly more complicated than something such as a stereo.

"Make sure wherever they buy their remote starter is where they get it installed," he said. "Not any old mechanic can install a remote car starter."

Schaffer says the potential problems caused by a poorly installed system include bogus check-engine lights and computer issues.