No. 2: Etón TurboDyne Road Torq

If you're taking a road trip, the Etón TurboDyne Road Torq is a great gadget to bring with you for the ride.

The roadside assistance device, which will run you around $30 at various retailers, has a spotlight and emergency beacon, which would be ideal for any emergency car breakdowns.

The device is self-powered by a crank, and Etón says two minutes of cranking yields 15 minutes of power.

Because of its retractable tripod-like design, you can place the Torq on the ground or on the roof of your car and direct the light wherever you need it to go. You can also use it like a hand-held flashlight. With the flashing beacon, you can set up the Torq to warn other motorists of your situation.

The Etón TurboDyne Road Torq tripod is foldable for easy storage, and can easily be kept in your car in case you should need it on your travels.