Consumer Reports Articles

Best places for car repairs

Consumer Reports surveyed their subscribers about 120,000 vehicle repairs to find the best places to get your car fixed. Their survey also finds that you shouldn't be afraid to bargain. People who did saved money.

Snacks made with bugs?

In other parts of the world, insects are big source of protein. Might bug food take off here? Consumer Reports tests new snack bars and cookies containing crickets.

All kinds of devices promise to give your phone a boost

No one wants to run out of battery when you’re on the go. All kinds of devices promises to give your phone a boost, even some that are built into bags and backpacks.

Echo: Amazon's answering machine

You can ask Echo just about anything, but it doesn’t always know the answer. Still Consumer Reports' electronics engineers think it shows a lot of promise.

Annoying car controls, new solutions

Car infotainment systems are notoriously complicated and difficult to work, but new systems are coming, starting with Apple’s CarPlay, that should make things simpler.

Travel club gotchas

Travel club promises can be enticing, with offers of bargain airfares and discount hotels. But too often those deals don’t come through. Consumer Reports has advise to help you spot tip-offs that the club could be a rip-off.

Consumer Reports tests mood-improving LEDs

Consumer Reports tests lightbulbs that claim to help you fall asleep quicker, wake more alert or do other fun tricks.

Consumer Reports tests treadmills, ellipticals

Sales of home exercise equipment peak this time of year as people try to make good on their resolutions. Consumer Reports tests dozens of machines to find which are likely to keep you striding and gliding way past January.

Credit score mistakes common

Your credit score may be dragged down by errors on your credit report. But a Consumer Reports survey finds close to half of us don’t bother to check. A surprisingly high number of those do find mistakes that can make it harder to get a loan or a job.

Money-saving wardrobe fixes

Rather than buying new clothing, you can make your old wardrobe look good again. In time for the New Year, ShopSmart has tips on what to fix, what to toss, and what to do so your clothing looks great longer.

The truth about weight-loss supplements

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, beware of the pills and tablets that promise to make it easy to knock off pounds.