Consumer Reports Articles

Longest-lasting countertops

Kitchen countertops can cost thousands of dollars. So you want them to last for many years.

Car insurance secrets revealed

Consumer Reports' two-year investigation analyzed billions of quotes and reveals how your credit score can boost your car insurance rates even more than a drunk driving conviction.

How safe is your hospital?

We trust hospitals to help make us well. What we don’t expect is to get sick in a hospital.

Products for pretty summer feet

Professional pedicures are a luxury for beautifying your tootsies. But can you get your soles smooth at home?

Devices to stop robocalls

Junk marketing calls drive people crazy. The government gets more than 150,000 complaints a month and has given phone companies the go-ahead to provide call-blocking technologies. In the meantime, you can buy call-filtering devices. Consumer Reports had more than 100 volunteers try several out in their homes to see how well they work.

Tests reveal the laundry detergent that works best

Consumer Reports' latest tests of more than 50 laundry detergents found a new standout. The winner beat out Tide, which has long been top-rated and is the biggest seller in the U.S.

Consumer Reports not recommending liquid laundry pods

 Manufacturers have tried to make safer packaging of liquid laundry pods, but parents’ frantic calls to poison control still run over 10,000 a year. Until those numbers go way down, Consumer Reports is not recommending any liquid laundry pods.

Top dehumidifiers

The new federal energy standards mean dehumidifiers use a lot less energy than they used to.

Protect your Social Security number

It seems like every time you turn around, you have to give out your Social Security number. In the wrong hands, your identity can be stolen. But you don’t always have to give out this key number just because you’re asked for it.

Best luggage brands

Consumer Reports surveyed thousands of its subscribers to identify common luggage problems and the best luggage brands.

Does sunblock clothing work?

Skin cancer is among the most common of all cancers. Sun exposure is a primary cause. Covering up when you’re outside can be a critical step in prevention.