Consumer Reports Articles

Versatile blu-ray players

Millions of Americans now watch video that’s streamed to their TV over the Internet using set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku. But Consumer Reports just finished testing the latest Blu-ray players and says they are another great option for streaming video to your television.

OLED TV put to the test

Consumer Reports' television experts expect OLED TV to shake up the industry.

Ford Mustang celebrates 50 years

We get a sneak peek at the 2015 Mustang as it celebrates the big 5-0.  Consumer Reports compares the new model with the original Mustang they tested 50 years ago.

Beware of BPA-tainted receipts

This risky chemical has been banned from children’s bottles and cups, but it is still common in all kinds of receipts and can easily rub off on your hands. Consumer Reports' safety experts tell you how to protect yourself.

Top child safety seats

Toddlers are safest in a car if they stay in a rear-facing car seat until the age of 2. Consumer Reports tests convertible car seats that are ideal once a baby gets too tall for an infant seat.

Get rid of lice safely

Panic sets in if you find you have lice. You race to the drugstore and are confronted with a shelf of products. Our safety experts tell you the best course of action.

What's cheaper in September

If you want to save money, there are several things you want to consider buying this month. They're cheaper now than they will be all year.

Don't be in the dark in a power outage

Consumer Reports' top-rated generator is surprisingly quiet, and recommends two others that, though noisier, will keep you powered up at a reasonable price.

What's worth buying at Walmart

Walmart claims 245 million customers come into its stores every week. Based on Consumer Reports' lab tests, they found a lot worth putting into your cart and some things to skip.

Wearable tech expected to take off

This new class of technology sits on your wrist, your neck, your ankle, even your face. Consumer Reports' electronics team expects wearable tech to take off and has been testing some of the latest gadgets.

Counterfeit check scam affects college kids

We'll tell you how con-artists used one company to launch a large-scale counterfeit check scam.