Consumer Reports Articles

'Protein' is the latest food craze

"Protein” is the latest fad at the supermarket. You’ll find it added to everything from Cheerios to tortilla chips. Consumer Reports nutritionists dissect this latest craze.

Fridges that keep food fresh

They keys to keeping food fresh in the fridge.

Consumer Reports reveals highest rated car ever

The latest Tesla sets a new benchmark at Consumer Reports' test track for what a car can be. Their engineers are impressed with the promise it holds for the future of the automotive industry.

Appliances for your first apartment

Lots of young people are moving into new apartments this time of year—college students moving off campus and college grads setting out in the world. Consumer Reports tested hundreds of small appliances and have some affordable winners to recommend.

Tasty hamburger alternative

Can you find a hamburger that tastes like meat without the health concerns and the environmental impact of ground beef? Consumer Reports' taste testers take up the challenge.

Ground beef investigation reveals safety concerns

Consumer Reports' lab tests of ground beef find much of it contaminated with bacteria, some resistant to several antibiotics. We have buying and cooking advice to help keep your family safe.

Better than water?

What’s the best thing to drink in the heat? Consumer Reports' nutritionists analyze 20 different kinds of water from sports drinks, to vitamin waters, to plant-based drinks.

Getting the right backpack

This back-to-school essential should be comfortable, not cause back strain, and last through the school year. How can you make sure your child is getting a good backpack? Consumer Reports has advice.

Lightweight laptops for back to school

Lucky for students, laptops are getting lighter and lighter. Consumer Reports recommends a few of the lightest.

Customer service complaints

Consumer Reports' survey reveals what annoys people the most about customer service.  It identifies the companies that do the best, and the worst, at resolving customer service problems.

There are several new As-Seen-On-TV garden hoses that sound like they making watering your garden a snap.

Lightweight garden hoses

Who wouldn’t want a garden hose that’s lightweight, expandable, and never kinks?