Consumer Reports Articles

Fantastic Freezers

results from Consumer Reports tests of dozens of chest freezers and uprights.

Not all sunscreens deliver as promised

Sunscreen is essential to guard against sunburn, skin damage and cancer. Consumer Reports tested a wide variety of lotions and sprays and some results were cause for concern.

Cars that last 200,000 miles

Consumer Reports reveals the 10 cars you will be able to drive until the 'wheels fall off.'

Stopping robo calls

The government's 'Do Not Call' list isn't foolproof. Consumer Reports tells you how to stop robo calls for good.

Robo-vacs reviewed by Consumer Reports

Spring cleaning is upon us! Time to brush up your home from top to bottom. How about a robotic vacuum that promises to do the job for you?

Safer, effective insect repellent

Consumer Reports testers stick their arms into cages and let mosquitoes and ticks climb up and down in order to find the best insect repellents.

Samsung Galaxy S5 beats S6 in tests

Consumer Reports has just completed its rigorous testing of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S6. And it turns out, Samsung’s new Apple-like design didn’t help in Consumer Reports’ ratings.

Can your car get hacked?

Some alarming news stories have recently asked “Can the computers running your car be hacked just like your laptop or smartphone?” Consumer Reports investigates to see whether you should be concerned.

Reflective clothing put to the test

When it's dark, you need to make sure drivers can spot you running, walking or biking.  Consumer Reports tests a variety of reflective clothing to see which do the best job of making sure you're seen so you are not hit.

Protecting your privacy at home

Consumer Reports reveals how internet-connected devices can make your private habits public and your house ripe for thieves.

23 bike helmets put through some tough testing

Consumer Reports' tough tests identify some great bike helmet choices for children and adult.s