Consumer Reports Articles

Tax mistakes to avoid

No one wants to pay more taxes than needed or get hit with a penalty or risk an audit. Consumer Reports identifies common errors people make on their returns.

Fruits, veggies you should always buy organic

Consumer Reports has analyzed pesticide data on nearly 50 fruits and vegetables and call out 10 where we recommend you always buy organic. But since organic produce averages almost 50 percent more we are happy to have found other types of produce where non-organic is a reasonable alternative.

Getting the best price for your house

Why selling you house "as is" can be a big mistake.

Avoiding home mortgage pitfalls

The peak season for home sales is in the spring. Many home buyers are likely to make a serious mistake.

Online complaints could cost you

About to complain about a company, service or product on the web? If you do, it could get you sued.

Dishwashers are supposed to make life easier, but in kitchens across the country, they're a point of frustration. Nikki has the four secrets to spotless dishes.

Making your appliances last

The appliances in your home are a big investment. You can avoid repairs, keep them running efficiently, and get them to last as long as possible by using these tips from Consumer Reports:



Why coffee is good for you

If you’re a coffee lover, you can perk up. Experts at Consumer Reports have reviewed the latest research and say drinking coffee has several health benefits.

Veggie chips vs. potato chips

Are veggie chips better for you and which ones taste the best? Consumer Reports tests 32 different types.

Paying too much? Ways you can cut out cable or satellite and still watch TV.

Successfully cutting cable

Three things that have traditionally kept people tied to cable: sports, kids’ programming, and addictions to shows such as Game of Thrones that were only available with a pay TV service. But all that’s starting to change.

Successfully cutting cable

If you’re sick of high cable bills and paying for channels you don’t watch, Consumer Reports checks out new services that make it possible to cut the cord and still watch your favorite shows.

Paint put to the test

Consumer Reports tests paint costing from $17 a gallon to more than $100 and compare the new premium paints from Home Depot and Lowe’s to see if they’re worth the extra money.