Moneycenter and Mint both allow users to create categories and subcategories for budgeting. Because all of your bills can be computed, users can set goals and the system will offer ways to help attain them.

One of the best features online financial sites offer is accessibility. With an Internet connection and a browser -- or sometimes just a mobile phone -- you can access all of your financial data.

Help With Taxes

With all your financial information in one place, filing your taxes is a whole lot easier.

"If you're traveling to New York for business, Mint allows you print off all your business-related expenses, Patzer said.

Because each site has their financial tools available online, there's no downloading or software you have to deal with. You'll always be dealing with their most updated version.

If you upload your credit card information into's system, it will calculate the amount of interest you're paying and notify you if could save money with another credit card.

This is also how Mint pays for its services. But Patzer said the system will give you the best rates results regardless of sponsorship.

Mint allows users to set their retirement goals and offers tools to help them reach it.

"It's sort of an automatic financial advisor," Patzer said.