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Feedback is the key to our serving you, and to making this TV station and Web site better.

You may either call the WJXT switchboard at 904-399-4000, mail the station, or submit an e-mail to one of the addresses below. Due to the volume of e-mail we receive, we are not able to personally reply to every comment.

The station's mailing address is:
        WJXT-Channel 4
        4 Broadcast Place
        Jacksonville, FL 32207

For news tips, either call the newsroom at 904-393-9844 or select News Tips from the pulldown menu below.

If you have a comment, question or request from a specific department, please use this pulldown menu to help direct your correspondence that department, anchor or reporter.

You may wish to remain anonymous, but return e-mail addresses are necessary in confirming a community event, responding to a question, or verifying a comment. If you wish to be contacted or are submitting a story idea or tip, it is important that you include your e-mail address and your daytime phone number.

ATTACHMENTS: If you need to include an attachment with your e-mail, please send to We appreciate photographs of newsworthy events and other valuable attachments, but please include the bulk of your text in the body of the e-mail, as we're as worried about computer viruses as you are.

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