"You heard what? Get outta here!"

"No, really. It's true! Cary Grant was a secret double agent, working undercover to expose the secrets of an underground, Hollywood-elite clan of cannibals."

OK, so we made that one up.

But nothing stirs up with creative energy like combining people's fanaticism with celebrities and the obsession of conspiracies. It's no wonder many celebrity rumors last and last; they're so fun to talk about!

So, let's have some fun of our own. Ahead are five juicy tales of legendary lore that involve weird celebrities, unseen tattoos and a famous severed, supposedly at least, head. (Yeah, just try to close that browser now!)

These following five celebrity urban legends will likely live on long into the future, despite the fact that none of them is remotely true ...

Michael Jackson

No. 5: Michael Jackson's hyperbaric chamber

Knowing all we know about Michael Jackson, it's not surprising that just about any rumor about this tabloid favorite took on an air of plausibility.

So when you hear the widely circulated story that the King of Pop slept in a hyperbaric chamber in a bid to live to be 150, you're ready to buy it, aren't you?

The only hitch? The hyperbaric chamber Jackson was photographed in was actually one he had purchased for a local hospital. Jackson, in an attempt to cultivate his bizarre image, had a publicity photo taken in the machine knowing it would grab headlines -- and did it ever.

The same goes for the tabloids' frequent contention that he once paid top dollar for the bones of the Elephant Man. Not true. Not one word.

Which makes you wonder, with such weird true stories about Jackson, why even bother making up some?

Mr. Rogers in red sweater

No. 4: Mr. Rogers was a cold-blooded killer

OK, so we're going for the easy laugh with this heading. The actual legend is a little less dramatic, and this is a good thing. Because it falls in that perfect space that is believable yet outlandish enough for people to spread. See what you make of it:

Gentle Mr. Rogers wasn't always hosting his serene and innocent children's program. He was actually a Marine sniper with several confirmed kills. Yeah. And his arms are full of tattoos; that's why he always wears sweaters.

You already want to start telling your friends, don't you?

But hold your horses, cowboy, because it isn't true. Turns out, Mr. Rogers was pretty much what he seemed -- a mild-mannered, pleasant guy who, after college, became an ordained minister and then went into broadcasting, entertaining children for decades.

If you thought that legend was cool, our next one is even cooler ...