Hemsworth, naturally, couldn't provide any plot details of the film, but assured his turn in the film will be much more than a cameo.

"The film certainly is the next step for Thor, and I was impressed how Joss managed to bring all these characters together and give them and equal sort of story and time," Hemsworth said. "It's going to be quite an iconic moment to see all those superheroes on screen together."

Plus, being on the film will give Hemsworth another chance to snag Thor's thunderous hammer -- formally known as his Mjolnir -- since he didn't get to keep the prop from the first time around.

"They didn't offer me one so I had every intention of just stealing it -- so I missed my opportunity, unfortunately and came away hammerless," Hemsworth joked. "In 'The Avengers' I'll try getting another one."

If they see Hemsworth driving off with a weighed down trunk, though, he's sure to get busted.

"Security will strip me down and take it back," Hemsworth said, laughing.

But hey, at least he'll get to embarrass them with his ripped body.