ATM: Do you ever watch any of your older movies?

MW: There was one point where I was trying to step up my game and I was going to go back and watch all of the movies that I had made, but I couldn't stomach sitting in a theater watching myself, but I will say when I'm flipping the channels -- flipping through HBO -- if one of them is on, I'll watch it. In January, I was in Hawaii with my family on vacation, and I'm walking and I turn around and boom, there's Reese Witherspoon (his co-star in the 1996 film "Fear") right there and I haven't seen her in forever. She had never met my wife (Rhea Durham), so that was nice.

ATM: What is your dream role?

MW: I'm so appreciative of the opportunities that I've had and the roles that I've had to play and that I continue to grow as an actor. One of the ones I'm most excited, however, is coming up. I'm going to play John Roberts, the infamous cocaine cowboy. Bill Monahan, who wrote the screenplay for "The Departed," is writing the screenplay, I'm producing it and I'm going to play John and we'll shoot "Cocaine Cowboys" in Miami. It's about the cocaine trade in the '80s and the rise in Miami while the rest of the country was damn near in a recession.