"We've seen the nature of irresponsible filmmaking and what it can do," Affleck said. "For me, I just wanted to pay attention to details. There's a natural sort of 'Rashomon' dynamic that takes place, where people see the story from their point of view. Sometimes people remember things differently, and if I had to make every detail, it would be a 10-hour miniseries -- so I had to compress things."

Affleck, 40, said he doesn't have any concerns on whether "Argo" will fan any flames in Iran's current tensions with the U.S.

"The movie that caused a lot of damage was outrageous, deliberately provocative, ugly racist stuff," Affleck said in reference to "Innocence of Muslims." "Some people responded to that negatively and it all spiraled out of control."

"For me, "Argo' is factual and I just try to stay as close to the facts as I possibly could, and as close to the spirit of what actually took place," Affleck added. "Everybody, as we know, has their own agendas and if people can use it for propaganda, they'll go ahead and use it. I think you only have to feel bad about it if you've done something irresponsible, and in this case, we certainly haven't."