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How to win friends and Instagram people

By the time Kim Kardashian set out to "break the internet" in November last year, a photo by 23-year-old Conor McDonnell had already got there -- with a little help from Kim's music superstar husband Kanye West.

McDonnell is the self-taught photograp...

St. Augustine lost money on festival

The city of St. Augustine ran the numbers on last month's "Gentlemen of the Road" event featuring Mumford and Sons and learned they actually lost money.

Restaurants still let down by festival

Photo by Megan V. Winslow

The disappointment is still sinking in for restaurants in downtown St. Augustine after they didn't have the big sales the expected for the Gentlmen of the Road festival last weekend.

Gentlemen of the Road tour successful

Organizers for the big Mumford and Sons concert over the weekend told Channel 4 Monday night that the big event was a success.

Festival disappoints many businesses

After the curtain closed on this weekend's Gentlemen of the Road Stopover, some in St. Augustine say it was a big money maker. Other merchants say they didn't benefit at all, or the concert actually shut them down.

Downtown St. Augustine

Gentlemen of the Road stages map
There will be three performance stages downtown in addition to the main concert venue at Francis Field.