Not all terrifying inanimate objects have to come to life or have some supernatural force behind it to be terrifying.

In "Fatal Attraction," a ringing phone spells doom for Michael Douglas' character. It isn't a ghost or ghoul on the other end of the line, but Glenn Close, with whom he had an extramarital affair.

As it turned out, Close was an insane psychopath who began stalking Douglas and calling his house nonstop. Douglas was desperate to keep the secret from his wife, and every time he got comfortable and began to enjoy his perfect home life, the phone would ring -- and he always knew who it was that was calling and hanging up.

"Fatal Attraction" scared audiences for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest was the reminder that any misdeed you commit in your life is just a phone call away from ruining your life.

For our next scary object, let's go to the tape ...

Naomi Watts holding tape in The Ring

No. 2: The Videotape from "The Ring"

"The Ring" is a creepy, bone-chilling film with a very odd premise that is difficult to explain or understand. It's one of those films that can't be accurately described because the only way to get it is to see it.

The film is about a cursed videotape that causes anyone who views it to die in seven days. What makes "The Ring" transcend its goofy and unbelievable premise is director Gore Verbinski, who proves that he can suck terror and suspense out of any scene or situation.

The images that appear on the videotape are very disturbing and are "like someone's nightmare," the kind of thing that stays with you late at night after you have come home from the theater and are trying to fall asleep.

Why not pop an old videotape into the VCR to help lull you to sleep?

Then again, you could just raid the fridge for a late-night snack instead ...

Sigourney Weaver looking in fridge in Ghostbusters

No. 1: The Refrigerator from "Ghostbusters"

The 1984 blockbuster "Ghostbusters" perfected the art of mixing comedy with horror and also made us wonder a lot more about our refrigerators besides if the light actually turned off when you shut the door.

In one of the film's most famous scenes, eggs that start cooking themselves on the counter startle Sigourney Weaver's character. After she hears growling from the refrigerator she opens it to find a door to another dimension with ghastly creatures growling and snarling at her.

"Generally you don't see that type of behavior in a major appliance," Bill Murray said to Weaver after she called up the Ghostbusters to investigate.

When Murray finally reached the famous fridge, he slowly opened the door, expecting to find terror beyond his wildest imagination.

"Oh my god!" Murray called out as Weaver waited in anticipation. "Look at all the junk food! Do you actually eat all this stuff?"

Expired cottage cheese? Now that's truly frightening.