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Holiday gift ideas for teens

Get gift ideas for what to get the teens on your gift list this holiday season.

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Keep yourself sane for holiday drive

The long drive to see family and friends is just another part of the annual holiday ritual.


Non-traditional gifts work for holidays

One of the most difficult tasks in gift giving can be finding a gift for the person who has everything.

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Tips for stress-free travel with kids

With planning, realistic goals and a little bit of luck, stress-free travel with kids can be a reality for your family.

How to land good airplane seats

Getting the right seat on an airplane can make all the difference on a trip. Find out how to get the one you want.


5 tips for surviving family trips

The whole point of a road trip is to have fun getting to where you're going. But when kids are involved, it takes a little planning and some sanity-saving gadgets.

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Break these travel habits and save

When you travel there are probably some things that you've gotten used to doing. If you're looking to save on your next trip, here's some of those habits to drop.

When the airline damages your luggage

Everyone hates luggage problems after a flight. Here are some tips on how to avoid headaches if your luggage shows up at the airport carousel damaged.



Chanukah candle salad

Make your party complete with this recipe.


Hanukkah: The Jewish festival of lights

Learn about the history and celebrations of the Jewish Festival of Lights.


Candy dreidels

Try this recipe for a holiday treat.

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5 New Year's resolutions you will break

Some resolutions are harder to keep than others, and which ones you choose will make all the difference in your chances of having to make the same promise to yourself next year.


Crisp fried potato latkes

Try this recipe during your holiday gatherings.

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Top holiday movie picks

Staying home for the holidays? Check out some recommendations of films you can watch while roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

Warm apples with vanilla cream sauce

Warm and decadent ... this is the perfect dessert!

Sweet potato-plum tomato salad with walnut vinaigrette

Use some leftover sweet potatoes to make this great side dish!


5 ways to celebrate family during holidays

Instead of focusing on the things that will only matter for few days this holiday season, why not focus on celebrating your family?

Apple-cranberry salad

This tart, sweet salad makes a great go-along with turkey sandwiches.


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