What the audience is supposed to believe is that reindeer homicide is pretty funny. Unfortunately, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" just comes off as annoying and awkward. Not only is the song repetitive, but also it paints a ghastly tale.

Apparently this grandma got drunk on eggnog, went off her medication, stumbled into the snow unnoticed and was involved in a hit-and-run involving deer and a careless and mean-spirited sleigh driver.

The song has a funny premise for a brief moment, and then it just gets irritating before becoming downright disturbing. It isn't clear how the death of a family member is supposed to be captured in a jolly holiday song, but this set of lyrics is a failure.

Of course, it could be a song where the singer expects to be given the entire world on Christmas morning ...

No. 1: "Santa Baby"

Santa may be many things, but it is hard to picture him as anyone's "baby."

Greed may be a reality in some circles and Christmas is a time when gifts are given. However, this song is about someone who expects to be given just about everything.

The audience is even led to believe that this is all deserved because of how "good" the singer has been, even though she seems to be buying favors into the future by promising to be good next year as well.

What finishes off this song is the way that so many singers present it, which is in a sort of sultry and enticing way. Again, this is not an image of Santa Claus that most people want to have, and this irritating song certainly does not seem to fit the Christmas spirit.

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