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Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Affairs to remember: High-profile cheating

Actress Tori Spelling recently spoke publically about her husband and fellow actor Dean McDermott's affair. But he's not the first celebrity to get in hot water over extramarital activities. Check out this list of high-profile celebrity affairs.

Easter all over the world

Easter traditions from around the world

Eggs, candy and bunnies are traditionally all part of America's Easter holiday. Take a look at the interesting ways in which other countries celebrate Easter.

Rescuers South Korea

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Hundreds missing after South Korean ferry sinks

Rescue boats and helicopters are scrambling to find passengers, including scores of high school students, missing after a ferry sank off the southwest coast of South Korea.

Credit cards

Augie Martin/CNN

Biggest data breaches of all time

A security breach at Michaels stores lasted eight months and affected about 3 million customers, the store said Thursday. The craft store chain made news about the hack public three months ago and has been investigating since then. Take a look at some of the biggest data breaches of all time.

Nearby Friends on Facebook


Facebook's most annoying changes

Facebook is rolling out a feature that will allow friends to track each other in real time. There have been a lot of changes to the world's largest social network in recent years. Take a look at some of the most annoying.

Easter eggs, dyed eggs, colored easter eggs


Fun facts about Easter

Easter is right around the corner. Check out some fun facts about this spring holiday.

Easter basket, candy

Most-fattening Easter candy

You may pack on the pounds stealing these goodies out of your child's Easter basket.

Katie Holmes, 2007 New York City Marathon

Mike Segar/Reuters

Celebrities who have run marathons

You may have always wanted to put yourself in your favorite celeb's shoes, but how about his or her running shoes? Check out these celebrities who have run marathons.


Best of the worst: Mug shot hall of shame

Check out these lookers who ran into the law.

Jay-Z, 2012, Nets hat

Olivia Harris/Reuters

Wealthiest hip-hop artists of 2014

Forbes has released its list of the wealthiest hip-hop artists. See who made the top five and check back when the rest of the list is published on May 5.

Pope Francis, kids on Popemobile

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Reasons why Pope Francis is cool

Take a look at the many reasons why Pope Francis is cool.

Generic, abortion protester

Jim Young/Reuters

History of abortion in America

A judge has overturned North Dakota's restrictive abortion law. Take a look at the history of this hot-button issue in America.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Celebrity breakups of 2014

Breaking up is hard to do, even for celebrities. Take a look at the notable celebrity splits of 2014.

Electric bus, hybrid, environment

Mike Segar/Reuters

25 greenest cities in America

With Earth Day coming up, find out which 25 cities are considered the "greenest" in America.

Bill Murray, 2014 Oscars

Adrees Latif/Reuters

Celebrity bad hair days

Think you're the only one having a bad hair day? You're not alone. There are plenty of celebrities that have had them, too.

Counting out money

iStock / mocker_bat

What things cost in America: 1914 and 2014

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.2 percent in March, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics said increases in the shelter and food costs accounted for most of the rise. See how much things like homes, cars and milk cost in 1914 compared to today's prices.

Double Down blurb

Michael Saechang/Wikimedia Commons

19 outrageous fast food items

KFC has announced it's bringing back its fabled Double Down. Here's a look at other outrageous fast food items through the years.

Roofer, man working on roof


Best/worst jobs of 2014

Looking for a new job this year? lists the best and worst occupations of 2014.

Rescue workers, Washington landslide

Washington State National Guard

39 dead after Wash. landslide

At least 39 people are dead after a landslide tore through an area of rural Washington north of Seattle in March.

South Korean ferry sinks


Deadliest disasters at sea

Nearly 300 are missing after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea. Here are some of the deadliest maritime disasters of modern times.

couple on couch with TV remote and popcorn

iStock / diego_cervo

America's 8 worst habits

From drinking too much soda to slacking on the couch, iVillage rates Americans' worst habits. Are your vices among them?

TV remote

iStock / DeshaCAM

TV's biggest casting changes

Take a look back at some of the more memorable casting changes in the history of television.

Boston Marathon first explosion goes off

Dan Lampariello/Reuters

Look back at Boston Marathon bombing

One year ago Monday, three people were killed and more than 200 injured in two explosions at the Boston Marathon. Take a look back at scenes from that day.

Blood moon

NASA/Griffith Observatory

Sky gazers mesmerized by 'blood moon'

Stargazers professional and amateur turned their cameras to the skies for Tuesday's "blood moon" eclipse.

Taxes stressed person


Cities with the highest (and lowest) taxes

It's Tax Day. Find if your city is among those that pay the most (or the least) in taxes each year.

Tax day freebies 2014

Tax Day freebies and discounts

Find out which businesses and restaurants are offering free or discounted items on Tax Day.

Oklahoma City bombing blurb


A look back at terrorism in America

As America marks the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, look back at the history of terrorist attacks on home soil.


Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Celebrities have tax troubles, too

If tax day makes you nervous, rest assured you've got some famous company. There are several celebrities who have faced the wrath of the tax man in a big way.

KC Jewish Center shootings


April and violence in America

Each April, Americans pause to remember several violent tragedies that have happened on U.S. soil. In light of the shootings at two Jewish facilities outside Kansas City on Sunday, look back at the other attacks that have occurred around the same time.

Calendar pages

iStock / kutaytanir

Palindrome Week (and other odd dates)

Happy Palindrome Week! Here are some other intriguing dates that have been the source of fascination and speculation.

tax forms with pen, calculator, taxes


America's biggest tax procrastinators

We all hate doing them, but these cities take doing your taxes at the last minute to the extreme.

Matt Dillon file photo

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

All in the family: Celebrity siblings

Some family trees are lucky enough to have not only one celebrity, but several. Take a look at some famous celebrity siblings.

Airline airplane


America's top travel destinations

TripAdvisor recently announced the winners of its sixth annual Travelers' Choice Awards. Take a look at the top travel destinations in America, picked by travelers.

Kate Middleton sailing

Phil Noble/Reuters

Royals charm New Zealand

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, are visiting New Zealand and Australia with their son, Prince George, on a 19-day royal tour.



Weirdest Guinness world records

Most Guinness world records are fairly standard, but others are nothing short of wacky. Take a look at some of the weirdest world records.

Chris Brown Grammys 2013


Stars who served time behind bars

Not even fame and fortune can keep some people out of trouble. Check out some celebrities who have served out jail or prison sentences.

Oscar Pistorius

Deaan Vivier/Pool/Reuters

Pistorius murder trial: 10 things to know

Oscar Pistorius was on the stand this week and Friday marked another day of relentless cross-examination as the prosecution challenged his account of the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

FedEx-bus crash

Courtesy: Jeremy Lockett

10 dead in fiery Calif. bus crash

At least 10 people are dead and dozens injured in a fiery bus crash in Northern California.

Boy Meets World

Touchstone Television

Where are 'Boy Meets World' stars today?

With Disney releasing the first footage of the "Boy Meets World" sequel series "Girl Meets World," celebrate with a look at where the stars of the original are today.

Field worker


States with the highest minimum wage

Minnesota is the latest state to boost its minimum wage. Find out where low-wage workers get paid the most.

Kathleen Sebelius

Shawna Shepherd/CNN

Faces of Obama's cabinet

President Barack Obama's cabinet is losing a familiar face with the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Children playing, day care

iStock Image

Most expensive states for child care

Child care is now more expensive than college in some states. Find out where it costs most.

Brooklyn Decker, 2012 Battleship premiere

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Models turned actors

Brooklyn Decker, who celebrates her 27th birthday on Saturday, is just one of the latest in a long line of models who have taken on acting. Join us for a look at her and other models who act.

Stephen Colbert

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Late night TV hosts through the years

As Stephen Colbert joins the ranks of late night TV, take a look back at memorable hosts through the years.

Paris, Eiffel Tower


World's top travel destinations

TripAdvisor recently announced the winners of its sixth annual Travelers' Choice Awards. Take a look at the world's top travel destinations, picked by travelers.

Alex Hribal


What to know: Pa. school stabbing suspect Alex Hribal

Twenty students and a security officer were either stabbed or slashed during a rampage at a high school in Murrysville, Pa., Wednesday. The stabbing suspect has been identified as 16-year-old Alex Hribal. Learn more about Hribal and how the community is reacting to the horrific attack.

Crown Princess cruise ship

Joe Skipper / Reuters

Worst cruise ship disasters in recent history

The norovirus may responsible for at least 83 sick passengers and crew members aboard the Crown Princess, which is expected to arrive in San Diego today. Take a look at the worst cruise ship disasters in recent history.

Family Dollar/Facebook

Store closings in 2014

Family Dollar is the latest in what has become a slew of store closings this year.

Female executive, boss, manager


23 worst states for equal pay

Women still make 77 percent of what the average American man earns. These are the 23 worst states for equal pay.

John Mayer, Taylor Swift, 2009

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Songs written about famous people

Songwriters find inspiration in many places, but often times the best muses turn out to be the people in their lives. Here are just some songs famously inspired by other people.

Octopus ice cream

World's weirdest ice cream flavors

Think glow-in-the-dark ice cream is strange? Check out some of the world's weirdest ice cream flavors.

Sky 4

Images: Multiple stabbings at Pa. high school

As many as 20 people may be injured at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa. where a student began stabbing people at the start of the school day on Wednesday morning, according to Westmoreland County emergency management. Take a look at images, provided by Pittsburgh's Action News 4.

Toyota logo

William Walker/CNN

11 biggest auto recalls

Toyota announced five recalls on Wednesday, affecting a total of 6.39 million vehicles globally. Take a look at the biggest auto recalls in U.S. history.

Children playing, day care

iStock Image

15 best U.S. spots for kids

The best children's attractions are fun for adults, too. Check out the 15 best U.S. spots for kids.

closeup of woman's eye


Can you guess the celebrity eyes?

As the saying goes, the eyes are "the window to the soul." See if you can match these eyes to the souls of some of our favorite celebrities.

Ultimate Warrior split


Notable deaths of 2014

From legendary actors to fashion designers, take a look at the most notable deaths of 2014.

Star Wars, 16x9 cropped

Fox/Lucasfilm Image

'Star Wars' stars: Where are they now?

With the news that Peter Mayhew will be reprising his role of Chewbacca in the upcoming "Star Wars" sequel, check out what the stars of the original trilogy are up to today.


US House

History's steamiest political sex scandals

A married congressman is apologizing after a video shows him making out with a female staffer. Take a look at some of history's steamiest political sex scandals.

Fat, overweight, obese blurb1

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

America's least/most obese cities

Obesity now affects at least one-third of Americans. Find out which U.S. cities are the heaviest -- and the skinniest.

Airline pilots


America's best major airlines

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Wichita State University used Department of Transportation data to rank the top major U.S. airlines in 2013. The study examined on-time arrivals, mishandled baggage, bumpings due to overbooking and consumer complaints.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

REUTERS/Robert Evans/Handout

Most memorable celebrity weddings

Nothing captures the public's imagination quite like a celebrity wedding -- and the bigger the celebrity, the bigger the spotlight.

Yogurt blurb


10 healthy gas station foods

Not all food found at the local convenience store is junk food. Here are 10 healthy foods that are now widely available at many gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 search


The search for missing Flight 370

After weeks of searching vast swaths of ocean, a pinger locator has detected what may be signals from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Full House cast photo, blurb size

Warner Bros. Television

Where are 'Full House' stars today?

With "Full House" star Candace Cameron marking her 38th birthday April 6, let's take a look at where all the stars of the 1990s sitcom are today.

bowl of oatmeal


Processed foods to ditch right now

They may come in a pretty package, but these processed foods are bad for your health.

George W

Kevin Bohn/CNN

George W. Bush paints world leaders

Former President George W. Bush's newest hobby and impressions of several world leaders are on display at his presidential library in Dallas. Bush has unveiled 30 never-before-seen portraits he has painted of presidents, prime ministers and other leaders he got to know during his own time in office.

environment, wind turbines

World's most socially progressive countries

A new index has been published, which ranks countries by social and environmental performance rather than economic output. Take a look at the most socially progressive countries in the world.

David Letterman

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Notable TV exits through the years

During a recent taping of "The Late Show," David Letterman announced his decision to retire in 2015. Take a look at other high-profile personalities and their exits from particular shows or TV altogether.

March on Washington Leonard Freed photo

Estate of Leonard Freed/Magnum Photos (Brigitte Freed)

10 things about the March on Washington

Today marks the 46th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here are 10 things you may not know about the historic March on Washington, where MLK delivered his historic "I have a dream" speech.

Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor blurb

REUTERS/Mark Blinch

What did he say?! Rob Ford's craziest quotes

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has once again made headlines by casting the sole "no" vote on City Council motions to formally congratulate Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes and naming a Toronto street after the late Nelson Mandela. Take a look at some of Ford's most shocking quotes.

Family vacation roadtrip

iStock / sjlocke

8 ways money can buy you happiness

Find out eight ways that money really can buy you meaningful happiness.

Michael Jordan

Chris Keane/Reuters

Where are former Final Four stars today?

Players such as Christian Laettner and Mateen Cleaves led their teams to the Final Four during their college careers. But what are these former NCAA standouts doing now?

Fort-Hood soldier by sign

Erich Schlegel/ Reuters

Fort Hood shootings: 2009 and now

The shooting Wednesday at the Fort Hood military installation that left four people dead happened nearly five years after another deadly shooting at the same Texas base. Take a look at the facts in both these deadly shootings.

Fort Hood


Mass shootings in U.S. history

A gunman opened fire at the Fort Hood military post in Texas on Wednesday, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide. Take a look at some of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

man stressed


9 foods that lower stress levels

Reach for these foods the next time you're stressed out.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Celebrities: Where were they born?

When it comes to the birthplaces of celebrities, they're all over the map. See which celebrity was born where.

Miley Cyrus 12-17-13

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Celebs with college courses named after them

Skidmore college in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. recently announced that it is offering a new course called "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." Check out other celebrities who have been studied in college.

Chile earthquake damage

Cristian Vivero/Reuters

World's 10 largest earthquakes

An 8.2-magnitude earthquake has killed at least six people in Chile. Here's a look at the world's 10 largest earthquakes.

How I Met Your Mother cast

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Most-watched TV series finales

The "How I Met Your Mother" series finale brought in 13.1 million viewers, which is the highest-rated episode in the sitcom's 9-year run. Take a look at how it compares to the most-watched TV series finales of all time.

Broken piggy bank, bills, money, debt


10 things you should never pay for

Free stuff is getting harder to come by, but there are some things you should never pay for.

Emma Watson

Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Celebrities with April birthdays

Got a birthday coming up this month? Take a look and see which celebrities share your April birthday.



10 Gmail innovations

Google launched Gmail -- the world's most-used email service -- 10 years ago. Here's how it's changed email as we know it.

Firefox, Mozilla


Brands boycotted over LGBT views

OKCupid is calling for a boycott of Firefox over its CEO's support of an anti-gay marriage campaign. Take a look at other brands and products that have been boycotted over LGBT viewpoints.

Taco Bell Liberty Bell prank

13 infamous April Fools' Day hoaxes

These April Fools' Day hoaxes are some of the very best.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand

World's busiest airports

Where is the world's busiest airport? The answer may surprise you.

Justin Bieber at Gray Cup_sized

REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

35 celebrity Internet death hoaxes

Internet pranks can be downright dangerous. Just ask our biggest celebrities, some of whom have "died" several times in fake online reports.

Susan Boyle

Casper Christoffersen/Scanpix/Reuters

Notable names born on April Fools' Day

Did you know Susan Boyle was born on April 1? Find out who else is unlucky (lucky?) enough to call April Fools' Day their birthday.



Top-grossing movies of all time

"Frozen" has overtaken "Toy Story 3" at the box office to become the top-grossing animated movie of all time and the 10th highest-grossing movie ever. Take a look at Box Office Mojo's list of the top 20 highest-grossing movies worldwide.

Green grass lawn with blue sky

iStock / szefei

25 worst cities for spring allergies

Spring allergy season is upon us. Find out if you live in one of the 25 worst cities for seasonal sniffling and sneezing.

Affordable Health Care Act support in Rhode Island

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Affordable Care Act enrollment by state

Monday is deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Here's a state-by-state look at enrollment through March 1, which is the most recent data available by state.

man and woman working on home construction site


Best part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are on the rise in the U.S. Take a look at the best part-time jobs in America, as compiled by

Sabotage, Beastie Boys, sized

Grand Royal Records

Can you believe these songs are 20 years old?

It may seem as though 1994 was just yesterday, but songs released that year are turning 20 years old this year. Check out some songs you won't believe are two decades old.

Stephen Colbert

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Worst celebrity Twitter gaffes

Stephen Colbert is only the latest celebrity to rattle cages on Twitter. Check out some of the worst celebrity Twitter gaffes.

Washington Redskins logo blurb

Controversial sports team names

With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just the latest to weigh in on the Washington Redskins' name, take a look at other sports team names and mascots that have drawn controversy over the years.

Same-sex marriage, gay marriage

Cliff Despeaux/Reuters

Gay marriage around the world

The first legal same-sex weddings will be held in Great Britain on Saturday, which is when a new law allowing gay marriages goes into effect. Find out which countries allow same-sex marriage and where it can get you killed.

Mother and child reading


Autism: Key facts and figures

One in 68 U.S. children now has some form of autism. Find out more about the disorder.

Home construction

America's 10 fastest-growing cities

The energy boom. The housing rebound. These and other factors are helping America's biggest cities attract new residents.

Lady Gaga with Hello Kitty doll, 2013 Japan

Toru Hanai/Reuters

The many looks of Lady Gaga

If there's one thing certain about Lady Gaga, she has a different look each time she steps out in public. As the singer celebrates her 28th birthday on Friday, take a look at just some of her fashion statements.

Chris Christie apologizes

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Chris Christie's bridge scandal explained

What started with days of traffic jams in an obscure New Jersey town has now become a major scandal for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- one of the most prominent U.S. politicians. Here's what you need to know.

Spain train derailment blurb

REUTERS/Eloy Alonso

World's deadliest rail accidents

The driver of a commuter train that jumped off the track and barreled up an escalator at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport earlier this week admitted she had "dozed off" before the accident. Nobody died in that derailment, but take a look at the world's deadliest rail accidents.