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Feral, stray cat


Feral cat forces elementary school to close

A feral cat that's terrorizing students has forced an elementary school in Maryland to close.

Pit bull saves boy from bees


Pit bull saves Ore. boy from bees

An Oregon City family is calling their pit bull a hero for saving their son from a swarm of bees.


Giant Yellow Jacket Nest Found in Florida Home

Exterminators from Florida Pest Control arrived at the house Friday to find a nest they said was the largest ever found at a home in the company's 65-year history.


Pet adoption fees waived in Clay County

Clay County animal shelters are waiving pet adoption fees this weekend as a part of their "Empty The Shelter" event. Event organizers hope to adopt out about one hundred animals to loving homes.

Police lights file

Police recover stolen dog in drug, weapons bust

It wasn't a typical stolen goods recovery for police.

Pit bull shot by arrow


Pit bull recovering after being shot by arrow

A pit bull in Utah is recovering after being shot in the abdomen by an arrow and is lucky to be alive.


Could pets help children with cancer?

Researchers are trying to prove that animals can help kids with cancer feel better.


Chance the puppy still awaiting new home

Compounding matters, Chance's owner will have to shoulder future medical bills.

Closeup of cat blurb

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Cat survives 9-story fall from apartment building

If it's true that cats have nine lives, this cat just used all nine -- one for every story he fell after slipping of an apartment building's terrace.

Siberian Husky

REUTERS/Srdjan Zivulovic

Big dogs suffer as Hong Kong status symbols

Forget jewels, watches and fast cars. In Hong Kong, giant dogs are must-have status symbols.


Experts share a list of fatal foods for dogs

It’s hard to resist it, but the FDA is warning it could be fatal to feed your dog from the table. It’s so dangerous, they’ve put out an official statement listing the worst human foods for dogs.