Connie Sumner's (Diane Lane) life appears to be perfect for all intents and purposes while married to her adoring husband played by Richard Gere in the movie "Unfaithful."

Her world turns upside down, however, after she happens upon a hot Frenchman who offers to "help" her after she f injures her knees during a minor fall. Initially she rejects his advances, but eventually finds an excuse to visit him again, and a torrid extra-marital affair ensues.

The two have passionate first-time-cheating sex, and the Frenchman asks her to slap him around a little. They later outdo themselves and heat up the screen in a quite memorable scene in the hallway of his apartment building after she tries to end it. It does not end well, but the sex is undeniably terrific.

And though the cheating is blissfully steamy, savage sex is forbidden and undeniable, as we'll see next ...

Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon

No. 2: "The Blue Lagoon" - Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins

Take two innocent children of the Victorian era and maroon them in a tropical paradise and you have the makings of an irresistible potential for steamy onscreen bliss.

Cousins Richard (Christopher Atkins) and Emmeline Lestrange (Brooke Shields), survive a shipwreck in the South Pacific and somehow manage to thrive in their private paradise in "The Blue Lagoon." Time reveals them to be two very attractive teenagers who spend their days scarcely clad while fishing, swimming and diving for pearls.

This voyeuristic portrayal captures their lack of understanding over the sexual impulses they begin to have toward one another. They eventually give in to their animalistic desires and all of it unfolds right before our eyes as the pair swim naked into shore. There they have sex for the first time and it is somehow innocent yet taboo; forbidden, yet natural.

Many were stunned at the use of such young people for material so risqué, but none could avert their eyes in view of the consumption of this forbidden young fruit.

Innocence is bliss but sexual healing beats all, as our No. 1 scene illustrates ...

Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball

No. 1: "Monster's Ball" - Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton

In "Monster's Ball," Halle Berry plays a woman who has experienced the death of her husband by execution and also the recent accidental death of her young son.

She comes to meet Billy Bob Thornton's character, who makes an unlikely companion for her as he is the man who actually performed her husband's execution.

The two are of different racial identities and both seem to struggle with just trying to get by in the world, emotionally speaking. They are desperate for a human connection when they somehow end up all over each other in what has been described as one of the most raw and animalistic love scenes of all time.

Berry received an Oscar for her performance. Some people were confused by the steamy scene and thought the actors were actually having real sex. Now that's a sign of a good sex scene.

If loving in real life were half as good as this Hollywood sex, it is hard to imagine people would do little else.

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