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Why your digital device could be hurting you

Does your back hurt? Have neck or shoulder pain? Why your favorite tech could be to blame.


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St. Louis Encephalitis case confirmed in Jax

A human case of St. Louis Encephalitis has been confirmed in Duval County, and there is a heightened concern additional residents will become ill, according to the Florida Department of Health in Duval County.


Over-the-counter medication dangers

The FDA issues a consumer alert reminding everyone to be weary of the over-the-counter medications they try because they can make you drowsy.


Study: Vaccines do not increase risk of MS

A new study finds vaccines, particularly those for hepatitis B and the human papillomavirus, did not increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis over the long term.


Best, worst air purifiers

Consumer Reports tests 28 portable air cleaners and find several don’t do a good job removing dust, pollen and smoke. And some actually can make the air worse if you suffer from asthma.


'Super' super foods

You know to eat your fruits and veggies, but what are the best, best foods out there?


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Ebola: Nurse to leave isolation

With multiple developments underway, here's the latest on the Ebola outbreak:


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Cell transplant sees paralyzed man walk again

A ground-breaking cell transplant has allowed a paralyzed man to walk again, researchers announced Tuesday.


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Obama calls, thanks Dallas hospital workers

President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked health care workers at the hospital in Dallas where a patient died of Ebola and two nurses became infected with the virus earlier this month.



Day one for Ebola czar

The seasoned Democratic operative President Barack Obama tapped last week to head his administration's Ebola fight got to work on Wednesday, though Ron Klain's new job is expected to unfold out of public sight.


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This curable disease killed 1.5 million

Thousands have died in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and much of the global conversation has centered on the lack of an approved medication to treat the deadly disease. Yet in 2013, 1.5 million people died from another infectious disease that has a cure.


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Dr. Oz Answers Audience Questions


Healthy Living


Talking Health With Dr. Scot Ackerman


Healthy Famliies