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High-tech happy help

A host of high tech tools are aiming to help boost your mood….and make you happy!


Diagnosing strep throat

Strep throat is an infection that is seen in children more often than adults, but sometimes it's difficult to diagnose. There might be a host of symptoms, one pediatrician says there is a tell-tale sign that typically gives it away.


New gastric pacemaker device

Imagine if every time you tried to eat something, you got sick. That’s what can happen to those with gastroparesis. Most often it occurs in people with diabetes who have nerve damage, making them unable to digest their food properly. In the past, little could be done for severe cases, but now a new pacemaker for the stomach is changing that.


Devices help manage pain

What if relieving headaches, achieving relaxation and improving your immune system  was as easy as buying a  simple device which applies light pressure to certain points on your the back of your head?


Medical marijuana details taking longer than expected

Florida Health officials meet next week to hammer out details of growing and dispensing low THC marijuana. The meeting comes after an administrative law judge threw out a proposed rule developed by the Health Department.


Consumer Reports warns of 'overuse of CT scans'

CT scans jumped from 3 million per year in 1980 to 80 million now. But Consumer Reports says too often those scans are not necessary. And their powerful doses of radiation increase your risk of cancer.



California measles cases still increasing

California health officials said Wednesday there are 79 confirmed measles cases in the state.

According to the California Department of Public Health website, 52 of those cases are linked to an outbreak at Disneyland.

There are four confirmed cases in...



California measles outbreak grows

California has reported more measles cases.

The number of cases has increased to 73, with 50 of those cases linked to an outbreak at Disneyland, the California Department of Public Health reported Monday.

Last week, public health officials reported 59...


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Study: Love may be key to losing weight

If you are still working on those popular New Year's resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking there is a real secret to that successful behavior change.


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Sit smarter with yoga

You've probably heard that "sitting is the new smoking." Not only does it lead to aches and pains, edema, varicose veins, sciatica and more -- according to a new study, too much sitting can actually kill you.


Obamacare website reins in personal data sharing

The government has stopped openly sharing your personal information from the Obamacare website with private companies.

Earlier this week, the government came under fire after the Associated Press showed that was relaying users' personal...


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