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Options for removing unwanted hair

A dermatologist runs down the three relatively safe and common ways to remove unwanted hair.


The dirtiest parts of your home revealed

We find out from the experts where the germs are really hiding.


Most football-related concussions happen at practice

A new study finds most football-related concussions at the high school and college levels happen at practice, while on the youth level, the majority happens during games.


Fans can stay cool, covered at Players

MD Anderson Cancer Center is offering a way for fans to enjoy the tournament while protecting their skin with two covered bleacher areas at The Players Championship.


Kansas, Texas to back Scott in 'LIP" lawsuit

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will file a friend-of-the-court brief supporting Gov. Rick Scott in a lawsuit against the Obama administration stemming from negotiations about extending the Low Income Pool program, Scott's office announced Monday.


Medical marijuana initiative moves forward

After lawmakers adjourned last week without taking up the medical-marijuana issue, supporters of legalization are gearing up for a renewed attempt to pass a ballot initiative in 2016.


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Expert: ADHD underdiagnosed in girls

Some girls could suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which experts say is an underdiagnosed issue for women and girls.


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It's dangerous to be a mother in many countries

The United States continues to be outpaced by smaller countries in its treatment of its mothers, dropping two spots to 33rd place in Save the Children's newest annual global motherhood rankings.

Norway rose to the top of the list while Somalia remain...


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Sleep terrors in kids may lead to sleepwalking

Does your little one suffer from sleep terrors? Then get ready to lock the window and doors, because they might soon sleepwalk, too.



Want to be an optimist? Pick up these habits

Ever notice how some people just seemingly have a bright outlook on life -- even when everything isn't exactly on the sunny side?


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Fighting Ebola with HIV drugs one step closer

A combination of three HIV drugs does a remarkably good job fighting Ebola in the laboratory, according to research presented May 1 at the Canadian Association for HIV Research.


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