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High BMI increases stillbirth risk

A new British study finds a link between a higher maternal BMI and an increased risk of stillbirth and infant death.


Too busy to exercise?

A fitness instructor has easy things you can do to fit exercise into your busy day.


The decision: Who gets the life-saving organ?

Over 120,000 people need life-saving organ transplants and each day 18 of them die waiting for one. With the need outstripping the supply, doctors have to make tough decisions about who gets a new heart or a new liver and who doesn’t.


Stressed? Go see your doc!

One Study found 10 percent of adults do nothing to manage the pressure of stress. But now there's a new tool at your disposal in your struggle against the pressure - your doctor!


Cholesterol screening guidelines for kids

A cardiologist explains why kids as young as 9 are undergoing cholesterol screenings.


Fussy toddlers watch more TV

A new study finds parents whose infants and toddlers are fussy or have other issues like trouble falling asleep, spend more time watching TV and DVDs than other children.

Baby playing with toys


Fussy infants and toddlers watch more TV

Does your baby have difficulty calm him or herself? Falling and staying asleep? It can be stressful, especially for new parents. But once again, researchers are recommending that parents avoid plopping them down in front of the television.

Fat, overweight, obese blurb

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Obesity during pregnancy raises stillbirth risk

Pregnant women who are obese or overweight have an increased risk of delivering a stillborn baby, according to a new study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Hands, arthritis


Herbal remedy may improve arthritis symptoms

A traditional herbal remedy may treat rheumatoid arthritis as effectively as an FDA-approved drug treatment, according to a preliminary study published this week in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.


Man smokes e-cig

REUTERS/Mike Segar

Report: E-cigarettes appealing to kids

A dozen Democratic members of Congress released a report on Monday concluding that electronic cigarettes "aggressively (promote) their products by using techniques and venues that appeal to youth" and should be strictly regulated like the non-electronic versions.

Cady Stanton

Cady Stanton/iReport

She found love, left sugar and lost weight

Cady Stanton used to find solace in the sweet taste of ice cream.


Dr. Oz Answers Audience Questions

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