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Heart-health mistakes people make

Find out how many people are slipping up when it comes to their heart health.


Is codeine in children's medicines safe?

The Food and Drug Administration announced its investigating the potential risks of codeine in children's medicines. 


Vinyl flooring safety questions

Vinyl is some of the least expensive, longest lasting flooring you can buy. But it often contains phthalates, chemicals that have raised safety concerns for young children. Consumer Reports ran extensive lab tests to see how much of the phthalates in vinyl escape into the environment.


Smile! It's good for you, others

A clinical psychologist talks about the health benefits we can gain by smiling, even if we’re not in the mood.


Pets have powerful impact on kids

A child psychologist says furry friends can have a powerful impact on kids.


BMI versus the String Test

If you want to increase your odds of living a long healthy life you might want to step off the scale and pull out a piece of string. The string test is gaining more traction in determining your chances of survival. A doctor weighs in to see how it works and if it's an accurate gauge.


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Your health: Tanning beds, antipsychotics and more

CNN Health & Wellness takes a look at the potential impact tanning beds and antipsychotics can have on our health, lists ways to cut the risk of heart disease and shows time matters in cardiac arrest cases.


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Wash. reports first U.S. measles death in 12 years

The Washington State Department of Health reported Thursday what it said was the first confirmed measles death in the United States since 2003.



What you need to know about the dog flu

New cases of canine influenza have spread across several states, and veterinarians are urging vigilance.



FDA moves to add warnings to liquid nicotine

The Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to add exposure warning labels and child-resistant packaging to liquid nicotine.



Where sugar might be hiding in your child's diet

Trading cookies and candy for yogurt and granola bars may not be as healthy as parents believe. In fact, some food marketed to children and parents contains more sugar than desserts on grocery shelves.


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