There are a ton of great supplements designed support athletes that actually work. Be sure to take them for four to six weeks before deciding whether they work for you – these types of supplements need time to be effective.

Cross Train and Strength Train

To minimize muscle imbalances and overuse, be sure to try other types of exercise. Love to run? Still try to get at least a few bike or rowing sessions in each week. And don’t forget about strength training, with particular focus on core strength which will support all your other activities.

Stretch and Increase Flexibility

If possible, work in a few yoga sessions per week. I also try to stretch after I workout, when I'm warm. When dealing with an injury, it is even more important to stretch those muscles and keep them from tightening up. I follow up stretching with icing.

When I whine about being injured again, my chiropractor reminds me – active people get injured. It is better to be active and deal with a little ache than to sit on the couch all day. I also tell myself that an injury is my body's way of telling me that something is off or that it is time to lay off a certain method of training.

Listen to your body, follow its lead and with time and care, you'll be back in the game in just a few weeks.

Source: Pure Matters