What to eat after gastric bypass surgery

Published On: Sep 25 2012 12:05:04 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 08 2012 02:29:15 PM EDT

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery you usually initially have to follow diet recommendations from your doctor. While diets vary depending on the type of weight-loss surgery you had, some doctors may recommend following a four-phase plan after surgery to ease you into eating normal foods again.


According to the Mayo Clinic, the four-phase diet consists of: liquid diet; pureed foods; soft, solid foods; and sold foods.


In the liquid phase, some foods you might consume include: broth, unsweetened juice, milk, strained cream soup and sugar-free gelatin, the Mayo Clinic states.


During the second phase, you can only eat foods that have the consistency of a smooth paste or thick liquid with no solid pieces of food in the mixture, the Mayo Clinic states. Some foods you might want to blend with liquids may include: egg whites, yogurt, beans, cottage cheese and lean ground meats.


The third phase allows you add soft, solid foods into your diet. According to the Mayo Clinic, a good test is if you can mash the food with your fork then it’s soft enough to eat. Some foods you might want to try include: ground meats, canned or soft fruit and cooked vegetables.


The fourth phase is solid foods. The Mayo Clinic avoids easing into these foods and finding out what food you can tolerate. You will still want to avoid these foods: nuts and seeds, popcorn, dried fruits, carbonated beverages, granola, stringy or fibrous vegetables, tough meats and breads.


The Mayo Clinic says that pending your doctor’s approval, you should be able to return to a normal, healthy diet about three to four months after your surgery.