Spinach is one of those superfoods that we should all be eating, all the time anyway, but it’s especially good for the heart due to its peptide content. Peptides lower blood pressure and keep blood vessels healthy, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. For a double dose of heart support, toss spinach leaves with a homemade olive oil dressing or sauté spinach in olive oil.


When it comes to heart health, soy is a controversial topic. The general consensus seems to be that whole soybeans -- rather than tofu, tempeh or other processed soy products -- offer the most cardiovascular support, though. So keep a bag of edamame in the freezer for a filling, healthy snack.

Green Tea

Want to reduce your risk of dying from any disease? Sip on some green tea. The high amount of polyphenols in green tea protect against heart disease, lower the risk of stroke, and save arteries from free radical damage. Some studies even show that drinking green tea all day is even better than drinking water, so brew up a big batch of regular or decaf and drink to your health.

Source: http://blog.purematters.com/diet-nutrition/10-foods-to-help-improve-heart-health