(NewsUSA) - If you're struggling to pull on pants despite your morning jog, you might want to consider your body's toxin load. Poor eating habits, smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and consuming sugar and salt all load the body with toxins, where they are attracted to tissue and dehydrated fat cells.

Not ready to give up cappuccinos and cupcakes forever? Don't worry -- you don't need to seal yourself in a cave and fast for 12 months to enjoy better health and look svelte. Body wraps have been used for centuries to draw impurities from the body, stimulate circulation and smooth the skin.

It's important to remember that not all wraps are created equal. Mud, clay and seaweed wraps can actually smother pores, causing dehydration and water loss. A mineral wrap, however, will help draw toxins away from fat cells and rid the body of impurities.

And while going to a spa for a body wrap can set you back $80 to $300 per wrap, home body wrap kits provide the benefits of a body wrap without sending you into debt. At-home body wraps can help you lose inches and tighten skin at a fraction of the price of spa treatments.

The number of inches lost depends on the person -- the greater the amount of soft, fatty tissue, the more dramatic the loss. The body wraps also tighten skin, helping increase muscle definition. Once your optimal goals are reached, maintenance wraps can be used once a month to help sustain your loss.

Using body wraps in addition to a diet and exercise plan can help you stay motivated -- you'll see faster results, helping to keep you encouraged and dedicated to better health.