Mayo Clinic got an A in hospital safety grades released on Wednesday, Orange Park Medical Center earned a B, and most other Jacksonville hospitals earned a C, according to a study by The Leapfrog Group.

Beaches Baptist also received a B, while Baptist Medical Center, Baptist South, Shands Jacksonville Medical Center and St. Vincent's Hospital each received C grades.

Florida Hospital Flagler and Lake City Medical Center earned As in the study. Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine received a C, as did Baptist's facilities in Fernandina Beach.

The grade is still pending for St. Luke's Hospital in Jacksonville.

LEAPFROG'S SAFETY SCORE:  Grades of all Florida hospitals

The Leapfrog Group, which is make up of large employers who collect and share information to assess quality of health care providers. The hospitals were rated safety and efficiency practices that may decrease a patient’s probability of receiving poor quality or inefficient care, focusing mostly on preventable conditions like medication mix-up and injuries.

Mayo Clinic was obviously pleased with its grade.

"We're pleased that the work that we do here everyday is reflected on a national survey like this," said Dr. Nancy Dawson. "Our No. 1 goal here is to put the needs of the patient first, and when we do that, it not only improves the safety and quality, but it does put the patient care and what that patient needs first."

St. Vincent's released a statement questioning the methodology used in the study  and saying The Leapfrog Group has acknowledged communication errors in two sections of its report.

"We will continually work to improve quality and patient safety and we are confident that once St. Vincent's is given the opportunity to complete the data request, our scores will more accurately reflect our high performance," St. Vincent's President and CEO Moody Chisholm wrote.

Some patients told Channel 4 they'll consider the results of this survey but like to do their own evaluation of hospitals.

Jessica Sanders, who has Crohn's disease, said she'll only use hospitals she trusts.

"You're trusting that they're taking care of their obligations that you're not going to get a staph infection from someone's negligence" Sanders said. "You know, you're at your most vunerable when you're going to the hospital."