"I have a hard time believing that. Like people would say that, they're like this is probably the last time you're going to have a migraine and I'm like 'whatever, I know my head. That's not true.  Then now I'm like dude I haven't had a migraine in almost three weeks. What!,  says Johnson"

Dr. Fallucco says it's just going to get better. Brian and Jamie are now working on a new normal.

"Getting a life back that we've never had will be kinda cool. You know, we can go on long cruises where they cant fill her prescription, we don't need it this time,"  says Johnson."

"I'm chipper. I'm annoyingly peppy.  Everybody that I've talked to post surgery is just like you're in a better mood," says Johnson

As of this writing Jamie has not had another migraine.

For more information about the surgery you can call St Vincent's at  904-308-7300.

Jamie Johnson blogs at IdiotRunnerGirl.WordPress.com.  Here are some of her posts before and after her surgery: