"If you've only been consuming 5 grams of fiber, you don't go to 30 in a day or you'll have (gastro-intestinal) distress," Asplin said.

Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

Marshall and Rampolla said a short-term reduction in carbohydrates can aid quick weight loss because the body will drop water weight.

Because carbs and glucose are the body's preferred energy sources, limiting food with those substances forces the system to turn to a metabolic process that sheds water, according to TheDietChannel.com.

"If you want to drop 5 pounds in a hurry, the quickest way to do it is to simply reduce the carbs you are eating," Marshall said. "Raw fruits and vegetables are allowed, but cut out the cakes, breads and other carbs, and most people will lose between 5 and 10 pounds within the first week."

Get Moving

The good news for people who really need to drop a few pounds is that all of these techniques work better the further out of shape you are, the dietitians said. That goes especially for adding exercise. It is easier for someone getting no exercise to add 30 minutes and burn mega calories in comparison to their sedentary lives. People who are already active may find it more difficult to fit in additional exercise, but it is an important element to dropping pounds fast.

"It's going to increase the metabolism," Asplin said. "The more you get muscles moving -- they keep burning calories. If you are already active, bump it up an additional 30 minutes. Household chores count!"

"Weight loss depends on your starting weight," Rampolla said. "A heavier person will lose weight quicker."

Deploying all these tactics at once should take 5 pounds off in a couple of weeks, the experts said, depending on your current level of health.

The experts said following these tips can not only deliver quick weight loss, but incorporating them into daily life will continue to deliver results. If you return to your normal patterns, the weight will come back just as fast as it came off.