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Friend of FSU shooter speaks

A friend of FSU shooter Myron May said May wasn't the type of person who would do something like what he did.

FSU weekend events carry on

Students try to get back to normal on FSU's campus, and athletic events are carrying on as usual this weekend.

2 dead in apparent murder-suicide

A St. Johns County couple was found dead at their home in an apparent murder-suicide Friday morning, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Mayor to return Bill Cosby contributions

Mayor Alvin Brown says he will return campaign contributions to Bill Cosby because of the controversy surrounding the celebrity.

City helps veterans with Thanksgiving giveaway

The city of Jacksonville helps about 40 veteran families in need with a Thanksgiving giveaway.

Question Of The Day

News4Jax's Tarik Minor is reporting today on the idea that more people with guns could actually make campuses safer. While he assembles that story, what do you think?

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