In this stage there is the "perfect opportunity to take stock of all your marital strengths and to draw on trust, commitment and comfort you've built through the years," she writes.

DeMaria writes that this phase is like your honeymoon but better, because you are "wiser, kinder and emotionally mature."

She adds that many call this the second half of a marriage. She offers a few tips to get through it fairly unscathed.

The tips include simply hanging out with your spouse, planning events that you both enjoy and anticipating that there will be disagreements you can settle.

This all leads up to the final stage, the reunion stage, which she calls a joyful culmination.

"The journey required hard work and patience, love and determination. Defying the odds, you've built a relationship. A home. A family. A life," she writes. "Was it all worthwhile? For most couples, the answer is a resounding 'yes.' "