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Hot remodeling trends for 2015

Angie’s List quizzed more than one thousand contractors across the country to determine what’s hot and what’s not in 2015.


Benefits of vinyl windows

If your windows are old, drafty, and a pain to open and close, you may want to consider a replacement project this year. Vinyl windows remain the most popular choice and not just because they’re the most affordable option.


Pros, cons of wood-look tile

If you love the look of wood flooring, there’s a new option surging in popularity you might want to consider.


Auto detailing for any budget

While it’s impossible to keep your car in flawless condition, you can make it clean and shiny again - on any budget.


Avoid regret when getting new carpet

Choosing new carpet for your home is a big decision, one you’ll likely have to live with for a long time. With so many options and price points, how can you avoid regret?


Smart winter hires that could save you money

Now can be a great time for homeowners to cross off some items on their  to-do list. And bonus? You may actually save some money.


Don't get burned by chimney mistakes

In the mood for chestnuts roasted on an open fire? For many families, gathering around a crackling fireplace is a holiday tradition. But you need to take the proper precautions.


Disaster-proof your home for the holidays

Bright colors, yummy smells and shiny decorations can make the holiday season magical. But if you have small kids or pets, it’s important to know the dangers lurking within all that celebrating.


What to consider when picking a countertop

Updating your kitchen countertops with the latest look might seem like a great and relatively easy remodeling project, but you need to be careful. Some new trends may not stand up to the way you use your kitchen and others might be a waste of money.


Does your pet need a health plan?

More pet owners are now purchasing wellness plans or health insurance for their pets. Angie's List offers advice to sort through the confusion of these policies.


Benefits of a backyard fire feature

The colder weather doesn’t have to mean an end to your outdoor entertaining.  


Beware of garage door upsells

Three common garage door repairs and potential upsells.

Transformation Tuesday

Join Dr. Asa Andrew and Melanie Lawson on a 30-day transformation through exercise and diet

Known as America’s health coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is host of one of the fastest growing radio and television programs in North America designed to transform your health and your life. As a physician to many professional athletes and celebrities, he is an internationally sought after speaker for many Fortune 500 Companies with his message of looking better, feeling younger, and living longer. Lose weight, find vibrant health, and custom design the body you've always wanted. Attain and maintain better health the same way you learned to walk: one step at a time.
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