Award Winning Recipe for Clam Chowder

Jacksonville native shares his clam chowder recipe

Published On: Sep 17 2012 08:39:25 AM EDT

Chef Eric Jungklaus from Tony's Seafood Restaurant shares his clam chowder recipe with a kick of flavor.

Basic Ingredients for a chowder base:
Flour, Butter, Celery, Onion, Vegetable Stock, Salt & Pepper

Tony’s Tips:
• Substitute CLAM JUICE for vegetable stock.
• Sautee celery and onion in separate pan, then add to base.
Basic Ingredients to finish your chowder:
Chopped Clams, Celery, Potatoes, Wine, Bacon, Whole Milk, Carrots, Onions

Tony’s Tips:
• Try Hardwood Smoked Bacon.
• Chop bacon and pan cook until golden brown.
• Add some of the bacon pan drippings to your chowder.
• Use half-n-half and heavy cream instead of plain milk.
This will give a thicker, heartier texture and flavor.
• Avoid carrots.
Typical Chowder Seasonings:
Bay leaf, hot sauce, dill weed, black pepper & salt

Tony’s Tips:
• Chopped Garlic will give your chowder a kick.
• Butter adds flavor, color and a little sweetness.
• Try some dry spice blends: Parsley flakes, black pepper, white pepper, green and red pepper, red pepper flakes
Key: Wisk dry spice blend into half-n-half before adding to chowder.
Cooking Instructions:
Most people heat chowder on a stove in a sauce pan.

Tony’s Tip:
• Dust off your crock pot! When your recipe is complete, give the chowder’s flavors an hour or more to all come together.