An alert for Bank of America customers -- the company is removing ATMs from many shopping malls, grocery stores and gas stations around the country.

It's already removed 1,500 machines nationwide in hopes of slashing $8 billion from its total expenses by the year 2015.

"It's very important. It's my money," Bank of America customer Marvin Bell said. "I shouldn't have to go around the world to get my money, and if I do have to get charged also, come on, that's petty."

The idea isn't sitting well with Bell, but the impact on Florida is still unclear.

Bloomberg reports it costs a company $1,700 a month to operate an ATM on property the bank doesn't own.

A Bank of America spokesperson said the machines that only dispense cash rather than accepting deposits are the ones that will be taken off the streets.

According to latest earning reports published by Bloomberg from June 30, Bank of America has 16,220 ATMs now, a decrease of nearly 9 percent since the start of 2012.

Customers say finding their bank's ATM shouldn't be a hassle.

"For one, it would inconvenience the heck out of me," Bell said. "I have a lot of issues with Bank of America, but I've had my shares of nickels and dimes. I'm ready to go to VyStar, anybody. That's just how I feel about them."

"Absolutely it's inconvenient," banking customer Dana Jacobs said. "I rarely go into a bank. I usually look for an ATM and I try to drive through it if I can. I haven't stepped foot in a bank in a year."