Cars that hold value the best

Professionals look at cars, trucks, SUVs that hold most value after 5 years

Published On: Nov 27 2012 07:35:54 AM EST

The most expensive aspect of owning a car isn't usually gas or insurance, but the depreciation.

Depreciation is the difference between what was paid for the car and what it's eventually worth it's time for it to be traded in.
The analysts at Kelley Blue Book have looked at used car pricing trends and based on those trends and their own professional judgments about the current crop of new models, they've decided on the cars, trucks and SUVs that will hold their value best.

The Honda Fit is a subcompact car with a base price of $15,325. 44.5 percent of the value is retained after five years.

Then there's the Honda Civic, a popular compact car with a base price at $15,755 dollars. After five years it retains with 46.9 percent of the value.

Next is a compact SUV, the Jeep Wrangler, which has a base price of $22,195. This SUV retains 55.3 percent of the value after five years.

The Luxury compact SUV, the Infiniti EX, also makes the list. The base price is $36,800 and the value retained after five years is 44.5 percent.

Finally is the mid-size pickup, the Toyota Tacoma. The base price $17,525 with a retained value after five years at 57 percent.

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