For anyone looking for a job, the holidays can be a great time to find one.

Channel 4 spoke to a jobs expert about landing a position this time of year and the reasons why applying during the holidays might be a smart move.

Job experts said the holidays are a great time to get out there and network with potential employers, and one of the main reasons why is because many employers are finalizing their 2013 budgets and they may be under pressure to get fully staffed for the new year.

Job experts also said that there are lot of opportunities in government jobs, where administrators have what's called use it or lose it funds.

If they don't spend their allocated money by the end of the year, it often goes back into the general fund, so a lot of people are beefing up their staff.

According to job experts, employers are less busy this time of year and are often in good spirits.

Also -- your Facebook friends, or linked in connections, are more likely to notice a potential employee this time of year.

Most job seekers stop looking during the holidays, so applying now gives you a head start.

"If you're careful on how you approach your employers, you really can take advantage of the timing and jump ahead of the line and get your story told," Chad Pearce with iMethods said.  

Temporary hiring is big during the holidays and often times that temporary job can lead to full time job in January, if the employee steps up to the plate and performs at their best.